A visit to the Chiropractor

Have you ever tried going to a chiropractor?  It’s actually very relaxing, like getting a massage.

I’ve been going to chiropractors for approximately 15 years now.  There are just a few in Manila and I’ve tried three of them.

I go for sessions/treatments coz of my scoliosis.  I only found out I had scoliosis when I was in high school or first year of college due to a chest x-ray I got.  I went to several doctors and some recommended surgery, and some physical therapy.  We opted for physical therapy coz surgery was too scary a thought for me and my parents coz it was the spine we were dealing with.

But we then found out that there were chiropractors in the city.  We visited Dr. Johnny Tan in Annapolis Greenhills and starting getting treatments.  I kind of had a slight hump on my upper right back and after several treatments, the hump went away and my back looked straight again.  But of course if you take a closer look inside, my spine wouldn’t go back straight.  It was 31 degrees and went down to 30 degrees after the treatment.  But what was important for me was for the back to physically go back to normal.  So I was happy with the treatments.

As time went by, I also visited two other chiropractors for curiosity.  I went to Dr. Uy in Jollibee Center, and Dr. Brush at Valle Verde Country Club.  I liked the approach of Dr. Brush better.  But I still stuck with my original chiropractor, Dr. Tan.

Throughout the years, my spine’s curvature has been increasing and decreasing.  It got worse when I started getting pregnant.  My back took a toll during my first pregnancy.  Then again on the 2nd pregnancy.  So now, I’m back to my regular 3x/week treatments to hopefully make it better 🙂

The treatment goes like this:

20 mins: They’ll put four circular electric pads on your back to ease up your muscles and nerves while an electric heating pad is put on top of your back as well.  This loosens up your back to get ready for adjustment.

5 mins: You will then be going to the adjustment room for Dr. Tan to adjust your back.  Simply put, cracking your back and neck 🙂  .  All you have to do is relax and don’t put any resistance so everything goes smoothly and you’ll feel terrific after!

The 2 black cords (looking like telephone cords) go under my shirt which is attached to the electric pads stuck on my back.  Then that white thing on my back is the heating pad.

During this particular visit, I had my toddler with me so that I still get to spend time with her.  She was a good girl and was just watching me and pretending to be my doctor…how cute is that!? 🙂


Dr. Johnny Tan Jr. Chiropractic Clinic

2406 Atlanta Building

Annapolis St., Greenhills San Juan City,

Metro Manila, Philippines