Clean-up Time

We all have closets to clean.  It’s just a fact.  And we don’t realize that through time we’ve accumulated so much stuff.  Sometimes we keep stuff  in the closet to protect them or save them for later.  Unfortunately, a lot of times, we forget that we kept them there 🙂 .

So one day, I decided to do some general cleaning in one of the kids’ rooms (I actually did this coz I was looking for something and forgot where I put it).  I wanted to see if I still had things under control and knew what went where.  But basing it on the picture, you’ll immediately know that I kinda dropped the ball at some point.

Now here I am trying to get things back on track.  I like making sure things are neat and well kept…so when I have a feeling that’s not the case, I start digging in and fixing.

1st step:  I sorted.

To throw.  To give away.  To keep for later.  To use now.

“To keep for later” was put in the most hard to reach part of the cabinet.

“To give away” items were put in a paper bag and I made sure I gave them right away or else, it would end up in another corner of another room.

2nd step:  Label all boxes.

I put everything in a box and labeled it so that when I open the closet, I can determine right away what was inside the box.

3rd step:  Maximize space.

For clothes and linen that weren’t being used, I made use of the vacuum bags to save space.
There were too much clothes eating up closet space so I sorted them.  I had to throw out the ones they don’t use.  I try to make it a point to keep the kids comfortably well dressed.  I didn’t like them in clothes that were too loose or worn out.  So I took out the clothes that looked old and overused from their closet and drawers.  This makes it easier for us to be on the go.  If we need to go on an errand, we won’t need to change their clothes which saves me a lot of time.  And, they look cuter that way so it’s easier for me to take pictures of them at any time.

4th step:  Inventory.

I kept an inventory of items in each closet taped inside the door.  This is very helpful especially when you’re looking for something or finding out what was the next thing your kid could use.  For example, there are toys that are for a specific age group, so it’s easier for me to see what toy I should open next without going through all the boxes.  In my inventory you’ll see “TOYS: playgrow blocks 18months+” and other categories like Breastfeeding, Clothes, Beddings, etc.

This is me doing one of my mommy duties.  I’m not saying that this technique will work for everyone, but it works for me and keeps me sane.

After all the sorting and cleaning, I had so much space left.  If the kids got presents in the near future, I’d have space ready for them.

Maybe it’s time for you to clean one of your closets too 🙂

I just realized I only posted the “before” pics and forgot to take a picture of the neat closet!   Oh well, next time…

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