Simple Pleasures

I’ve come to realize that it’s very important for you to spend time that you have with your toddlers.  This is the time that their brain is like a sponge and they try to learn everything.  Of course, us mothers would want to be the ones to teach things to our kids.  We wouldn’t want them to learn stuff from their nanny, especially if what they learn is not quite right.  I had a wake up call when Chesca (my toddler) started saying “beer” referring to “bear” and on another day saying “MA-school ako”.  I got so shocked that she easily imitated a couple of our helpers at home.  So I guess this was the stage when they copy everything they see or hear.

After that day, I made it a point to make more conversations with her and correcting her immediately if ever I heard her say anything wrong.  It amazes me how that little head of hers comprehends everything I say.  I guess I underestimated her.  One time she said “Huy!” to me coz she heard that word from one maid calling the other.  I immediately corrected her and this is how our conversation went:

Me:  Chesca! What did you just say???  You’re not supposed to call mommy or anyone “Huy”.  It’s bad manners to do so.  Do you understand?

Chesca:  Yes.  It’s bad to say Huuuy.

Me:  Ok, good girl.

After a week, I was putting her to sleep and making her drink her milk.  She was playing with the straw of her milk bottle then I accidentally said “Huy! don’t do that!”  and she immediately tells me “Mommy, you’re nooot supposed to say Huy.  It’s bad manners”.   I was so proud of her she remembered!  So of course I had to say sorry to her for calling her “Huy!”  Practice what you preach Mommies…hehehe

Lately, I try to manage my time to be able to spend the most time I can with my kids.  If I have an errand to do and I can tag them along, I do.  If I could multi-task an be with them while getting some work done, I do that as well.

So the other day, while doing some work at a coffee shop, I brought her along just so I could spend some time with her before her nap.  She’d imitate me while I work on my laptop and she’d observe how I order coffee, pay, get change, prepare my coffee, etc.  Kids learn a lot just by being with their parents.  This particular day, I taught her about money.  I gave her play money so she’d know how much each was and what she could buy with it.

That hour we spent at the coffee shop was very productive.  She learned 20 pesos, 50 pesos, 100 pesos, 200 pesos, 500 pesos and 1,000 pesos.  So while I was working on my computer, she was just beside me reviewing her money and pretending to buy stuff from her nanny.  She’d pretend to be the barista by saying “you want coffee yaya? here”  and pretending to be a customer saying “I’ll pay for it first coz if I don’t pay, it’s stooling (she meant stealing)”.  It was just so fun hearing her monologues about what she learned.  Priceless!

Hanging out with my daughter is one of the simple pleasures I treasure.  And I’m just very lucky and thankful I’m able to do this 🙂

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