Fab Finds – keep toys neat & clean

There comes a point when you don’t know where to put toys anymore.  As months or years pass by, I’m sure you’ve accumulated more than enough for your kids.  So what I did, to keep my sanity, was to get proper storage for them.  I wanted to get wooden shelves but I didn’t want the kids to bump into them when they ran or crawled around the room.  So I had to find something that wouldn’t hurt as much.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Got this 3 tier black plastic rolling shelf from Uratex.  It’s detachable and you can stack up more if needed.  This was around P700.

This mesh stackable white rack I got from Handyman which was on sale for P270.  It basically had the same purpose.  I like these types coz it’s easy for my kids to put things back when it’s clean up time.

Since there are sooo much toys, I rotate them every 2-3 weeks.  I got the ihome boxes (right side of the picture above) to store them in.  I wanted something that was closed so dust won’t get in and we still keep toys looking a bit new.  I keep toys by category well at least I try to.  Something like all Dora toys are together, all sesame street, musical instruments, etc.   Just so that there’s like a theme every time we rotate.  They’re also labeled so I know what’s in what box.

If you’re the type who just wants something functional, maybe these would do.  But if you’re after the theme and look of the room or want it matchy matchy or you really had the room designed, then these won’t work.  You’re better off having it custom made or go to the high end stores or ship them in.  Yikes, I can see how expensive that could get!

Books were also a problem.   I used to put them in an ottoman but it was hard for the kids to get them and return them.  So I had a book shelf made from Two Tots.  It’s made of real wood and ducco paint.  This cost around P8,000.  A bit steep, but I couldn’t find anything that was narrow enough that wouldn’t eat too much space in the room.  We also rotate the books so that the kids get to see different types of books and learn more as time goes by.

Uratex warehouse store in San Francisco Del Monte, QC.  371-0569.  You’ll find a lot of other stuff here.

Handyman Robinson’s Galleria.

You can order Two Tots furniture from http://www.spoiledstore.com.

Ihome boxes are available in department stores, Handyman, DIY shop,  & ACE hardware.  I opted for these coz they have really big ones and come in cute colors.

Fab Finds

Every so often, I’ll be sharing some of my fab finds (from clothes, accessories, baby stuff, etc.).  So today will be the start…

I had a great idea one day to celebrate my daughter’s 1st birthday at Hong Kong Disneyland.  We opted to have a quiet yet fun celebration and do away with the normal BIG 1st birthday bash that normally happens in Metro Manila.  I was so excited coz it would be the first time the kids would go to Disneyland and I wanted to see their facial reactions when they saw the disney characters.  I’m sure their jaws would just drop!

So I went searching for a 1st birthday dress online that was comfortable to wear yet fit for the occasion.  I was planning on having a nice lunch at the Enchanted Garden in the Disney Hotel and Lexi would be wearing a nice dress while the Disney characters would come to our table, bring her cake, and sing to her a Happy Birthday song.

And this is what I found…

Isn’t it just so lovely?  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  I tried having it made here but the seamstress didn’t have the machine to do the hem.  So I just ordered it online (mybabyclothesboutique.com), I just couldn’t resist.  They offered this dress cheaper than other websites.  They sold it for $24.99 with free shipping within the U.S.  Other websites sold it at almost $40.  It reached the forwarder’s office in NY 6 days from the time I ordered it.  Then it took around 4 days for it to reach Manila.  I received it in  less than 2 weeks…just in time for her birthday.

It didn’t come with the headband though so I just made one similar to it.  I bought a white lace (but couldn’t find a stretchable one) and sewed a magenta flower on it.  I bought the lace in Carolina’s for 35Php per yard (just needed 1 yard for a baby).  Then bought the closest flower I could find similar to the original one at SM Megamall for 35Php/yard.  But I only needed 1 flower, so I have like 0.9 of a yard left :-/ …but it turned out pretty well (I think) so it was worth it.

You be the judge.  Here’s how it looked on her (excuse the photo, it was a camera phone).  What do you think?

Unfortunately, her birthday celebration in Disneyland did not push through.  We ended up celebrating it with family and friends at Casa Armas.  I’ll be sharing that party in another post.  The sad thing was, our nanny forgot to bring that dress to the restaurant for her change of outfit, so it was left unused! Grrrr!  Shipping it in for nothing!  So just so that it wouldn’t go to waste, we’ll probably have a playgroup and celebrate her birthday with the toddlers who weren’t able to make it to her dinner party 🙂   I’ll let you know how that goes in one of my “playdates” posts (when I get around starting that one..tee hee!)

I hope you get to find something fab for you too 🙂