Where did we go? – Lunch date at Chef Jessie

One thing I like about toddlers is that you can already have a decent conversation with them. The moment Chesca turned 2 years old, she was a very good companion. I make it a point to take her to different places from time to time. Why you ask? ‘Coz it’s one way of adding to her knowledge.  Personal experience is always a good teacher.

One Saturday, I took her to a fancy restaurant for lunch.  We went to Chef Jessie at Rockwell Club.  Just a little bonding moment and for her to taste different types of food and see different table settings.  On this lunch date, she learned the following:
1) Butter knife & soup spoon
(what they are & what they’re used for).
She kept saying “butter knife is not sharp. Kids can hold it. It’s used
for bread & butter.”
2) Carbonara
(what it was & how to pronounce it properly, of course that was a
bit tricky for her)
“Mommy, I’m eating Caboanara.”
3) Valet
She learned that we could leave the car with the man and give the valet
ticket to him when we wanted to get the car back to go home.
4) Swish-Swish
This is what she calls the wiper. It was raining so she asked me if I was
going to use the swish swish.

This simple thing makes me very happy.

We ordered Carbonara which was big enough for both of us. It tasted good although it may be a bit too creamy for some. So make sure you don't eat the entire serving by yourself.
She liked the carbonara but of course, she also loved her Mc Donald's french fries!
And her Mcdo Orange Juice! (this is her 2nd time to drink-grabbing the opportunity)
She's into the "princess" stage right now. So she chose this outfit. Can you believe it, at 2 yrs old she knows what she wants to wear!?? Black Tee (Motion Wear from Spoiled store), Black Leggings (from Walmart), Mulit-colored Tutu (from SM dept. store), and Ballet flats with strap (from Payless).
This is what she looked like before leaving the house. She had to wear her shades (mickey mouse shades from disneyland) coz she hates the brightness of the sun. Hairband was a freebie at Robinson's Galleria 🙂

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