Where did we go? – HKG Disneyland

I’ve been to Hongkong Disneyland 3 years ago just to check out the place.  Now I go back with a toddler and it was such a different experience.  My eyes were opened to all of the characters that I never really paid attention to.  This time, we’d run after Disney Princesses, fall in long lines to take pics with different characters/watch shows/go on rides, and really look for a good spot to watch the parade.  But all of this was worth it to see the indescribable joy in my daughter’s face.  Priceless!

On our way to Disneyland! Geared up, bags packed with goodies! 2 very essential things I couldn't live without on this trip: Medium Longchamp bag & Capella stroller.
From the hotel's entrance, you walk down this path to go to shuttle bus area
This is where you wait for the shuttle bus going to the park.

Shuttle bus takes you to the Park in 5 minutes.  From Disneyland Hotel, the bus goes to Hollywood Hotel then to the Park and back to Disney Hotel.  This is the route every 5-10 minutes.  So anytime you wanna go back to the hotel, it wouldn’t be a problem.

When you get off the bus at the park, you’ll have to walk a bit far until the entrance where ticket booths are also located.   We didn’t have to line up to buy tickets coz we had a 2-day pass that was included in the Cathay Pacific package we got.  (Cathay Pacific has an ongoing promo of buy 2 get 1 free, or Buy 3 get 1 free.  This includes airfare, hotel, 2-day park tickets, lithograph, fastpass, & airport transfers).  We missed the shuttle to the airport coz our time wasn’t synchronized with theirs.  Well, actually, we spent too much time at the parade and trying to get the little one ready.  This cost us a $120 taxi ride to the airport.  Lesson learned. 😛

This is where you get off the bus when you get to Disneyland. Same place where you wait when you want to go back to Disneyland Hotel or Hollywood Hotel.
From the shuttle bus we walked for about 3 minutes till we got here. But it's still a long walk to the main entrance. Make sure you wear very comfortable shoes/sandals. This Capella stroller served as Chesca's sunshade. She'd automatically pull it down when it gets bright.
Finally reached the park's entrance.

2 days was just enough for us.  We were able to do everything we wanted, well, except for the fireworks coz we got too lazy to go back to the park and Chesca opted to spend her night at the playroom in the hotel.  Every 9:45pm a bedtime story was read to the kids in the Prince Eric playroom in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.  They also offered milk and cookies.  Neat huh?

If you want to do a bit of shopping, you could go to Tung Chung outlets/Citygate Outlets (around 15-20 minutes and 120HKD via taxi) or Harbour City (around 20-30 minutes and 185HKD via taxi).   You can easily get Taxi’s  at the hotel driveway.

You won't find it hard to get a taxi at the hotel driveway.

You can also go via MTR which is around 20HKD per person (shuttle bus will take you to the public transportation interchange) but of course, a bit of a hassle coz you’ll get tired right away from all the walking at the park, then walk again taking the MTR, then walk again at the mall while carrying stuff and then back to the hotel.  So by the time you get to the hotel, you’d be soooo wasted and won’t even be able to enjoy the night or relax.

Here are some snapshots of the trip.  But I’ll be writing about Honkong Disneyland Hotel, The Journey to Hong Kong and Back, and What we ate while in Hong Kong Disneyland, in different posts.

15-20 minutes in line for picture with Rapunzel. First princess she actually saw up close. She was star struck!
Admiring how graceful Sleeping Beauty was.
Loving tinkerbell. She couldn't get enough of her. She stayed within the area for another 10 minutes after this picture taking and was talking to tinkerbell from a far!
Shouting out to Tinkerbell "Tinkerbell, we'll go look for other princesses ok" ..

Picture with Aurora after waiting in line for 15 minutes. Check out the kiss marks on Chesca's cheek from the previous princesses.
She didn't know Alice in Wonderland..a bit shy.
Having a blast at the Teacup ride.
a very expensive balloon...100HKD each!
It's a small world. We were lucky the line wasn't that long yet coz people were still coming from the parade.
One of the highlights of our trip. The little one seeing all the princesses alive in front of her.
First time she saw the princesses! We got a good spot, on top of a trash can. (don't worry, it was a very clean trash can..tee hee!)
First time she saw princesses...shouting out "i'm here! come here, come here!"
Blowing the Disney Princess a kiss.
"Bye-bye snow white, bye sleeping beauty, bye Belle..."
Enjoying the Parade...can't believe she's seeing all the characters life size!
Having fun at the Golden Mickeys.
A bit frightened with Buzz coz he was a bit huge. And she said " buzz is for boys".
at Tomorrowland
Playing with Minnie Mouse at Enchanted Garden. Dinner Buffet per person is around 500HKD. Choice of 630pm or 830pm. Characters go around the restaurant to take pictures with you. Children below 3 yrs old eat for free.

Interacting with the characters at Enchanted Garden
Hugging Mickey at Enchanted Garden
Still had energy to stay at Prince Eric room (playroom at the hotel) after Disneyland.
another portion of Prince Eric room where bed time stories are read every 9pm for kids staying at the hotel.
Map of Disneyland available at the hotel or around the park.

Before you go to the park, get a brochure to be able to plan out your day.  It’ll tell you time slots for shows, picture taking with characters and location, parade, fireworks, and locations of all the rides.

Loving her Mickey Hands on our way out of the park...
Goodbye Disneyland! I think the last two pictures cost us our free shuttle to the Airport..haha

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  1. Your photos are amazing!!! may I ask you what camera do you use ? I loved the Disneyland pics!!! 🙂

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