Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Let me share with you our experience in staying at the Disneyland Hotel in Hongkong.  When I was planning the trip, I was sure I wanted to stay at the Disney hotel near Disneyland Park.

It was raining when we got to Hong Kong. We were a bit scared it was gonna rain the entire time. Uh OH, no more parade and difficult to go around the park!

I learned there were 2 hotels to choose from.  Disneyland Hotel and Hollywood Hotel.  I researched on both hotels online.  Ended up choosing Disneyland Hotel based on other people’s recommendations.

So did I make the right choice?  I surely did!

Loved the hotel!  Will definitely stay there again.

This is what we saw from the bus as we entered the Disney compound. Everything looked so nice, clean, and already gave us an enchanting feeling.
From the road, we saw something like a castle...(sorry, trees in this picture covered the view I was referring to.)
...And yes, it was Disneyland Hotel!
As we were driving through the roundabout, I just kept taking pictures...place looks really nice, right?
Guardhouse of the hotel, seemed like we were entering a private subdivision.
As you enter the gate, it leads you straight up to the driveway.
Here's a nicer picture of the driveway.
Shuttle dropped us right in front of the hotel. Very helpful bellboys immediately came to us.
First thing i saw when i entered the hotel, a cute girl in Belle costume.
While I was checking in, my little princess was just sitting still in her stroller watching TV in the kids' lounge (just beside check-in counter) with small ottomans. Great idea, huh!?
2 elevators going to our wing. They're relatively fast. We never had to wait long.
As you can see, the hotel doesn't have too much floors. This is good coz at least not too much people are in the hotel at the same time.
This is the hallway to our room. Little one taking her sweet time.
still walking to our room...unfortunately, our room was at the far end! Good thing about it was that we'd hear less noise of other guests walking to the elevator.
This is how the entrance of the room looks like.
In all rooms, there are 2 double beds. Rooms are good for 4 people.

Out the window is a small balcony...
Balcony has seating for 2. Nice place to relax or have coffee (which we weren't able to do, darn!).
Here's the view from the right side of our balcony. That's the outdoor swimming pool with a slide (not shown).
Here's what you see from the left side of the balcony.

Free toiletries in cute boxes.

Inside the closet you'll find: extra pillow, bedroom slippers, mickey plastic bag, robes, iron & ironing board, hangers
Chesca loved her Mickey bedroom slippers.
check out the details on the mirror frame
Here's the lobby lounge. This is where people wait for their companions. This is the same area where the Princesses stay for picture taking. Chesca having fun with other kids. Quite big open space for little ones to run.
Lobby area. The door in the middle is the entrance of the hotel. The picture was taken from the cafe at the lobby, The Grand Salon.
Lobby chandelier. Notice the orchestra. They continuously play music for the entire lobby.
At The Grand Salon. They have cozy seating. You can see the Mickey Maze outside from the window.
This is what you'll find at Level 1. King Triton room - Little Princess salon, Prince Eric room-playroom (showed in previous post), Enchanted Garden, Victorian Spa, Gym, and way to the indoor and outdoor pools.
My Little Princess at King Triton room. This is the place where little girls get made up to become one of the Disney Princesses. Different packages are available from 260HKD-680HKD. Some packages include hair & makeup and the entire princess costume. These come with studio pictures of your little princess.

Very beautiful costumes! Here's the Cinderella costume.
Snow White costume
Sleeping Beauty costume
Belle Costume
Victorian Spa. We wanted to get a massage one night but we found out it was around 4,500php for a 1-hr massage! Suddenly, all the body pain went away! 😛
Indoor gym overlooking indoor swimming pool.
Indoor Pool. Door leads to outdoor pool.
A couple of life guards all the time.

You can do some sunbathing...
Very safe slide. There's a dedicated lifeguard for this area who radios the guard at the top of the slide to know when the next person could slide down.
Life vests are available for everyone's safety.
Check out the pool rules, just so you're prepared.
guests enjoying their balcony
outdoor playground beside the pool (chesca missed this one)
Enchanted Garden. This is where you'll dine with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, & Pluto. Chesca had so much fun with the characters. Was all worth it!
This is how much people eat at Enchanted Garden. This was a really long line during lunch time. That's why they ask you to make your reservations 2 weeks in advance.
This is where you can buy all the Disney stuff. Most of the items here are the ones you'll find at the park. Same price too. Make sure to take a look at this store at the lobby and try to remember the items they sell so you won't buy them at the Park. Saves you time and bags to carry. Love love love this store. It keeps the little one busy 😛

As for the service, it was magnificent.  All hotel staff were very helpful.  Couldn’t complain about anything.  By the way, for those with toddlers and infants, the hotel provides bed rails and cribs.  You can also request for a bath tub and bottle sterilizer.

So basically, that’s how the hotel looks like.  I’ll be writing about hotel food in another post.  Watch out for it.  I hope you enjoyed the photo tour of Disneyland Hotel 🙂

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