Re-inventing Toys…Maximizing their potential

I wanted to get the kids this Melissa & Doug wooden bead set with string to enhance their eye and hand coordination.  But then I already had wooden blocks and didn’t want to add to the countless toys they already had.  As much as possible, I don’t want to buy toys coz I’ll just have a hard time finding space for them.

So instead of getting a new toy, I got the current wooden blocks set and made our own beading set.  All I needed was a string and drill holes on the blocks.

Got the small blocks in our existing set and drilled holes in them. Then I just bought a yard of string from Carolina's.
Here's our existing blocks. I just drilled holes on the little blocks. These blocks now aren't just for stacking or pretend play, but for enhancing eye-hand coordination by stringing them together. For this specific time, Chesca said this was Disneyland and the blocks she strung together was the Princess' necklace. What an imagination!
Here's a closer look at the end product. Serves its purpose.

Another type of toy we re-invented was our Toy Story cards from the Toy Story magazine.  Also for enhancing kids’ eye & hand coordination by putting a string through the holes.

Materials we used: Laminated card and a yard of string. Just punch holes and knot one end of the string.
Here's how it'll look like. It's also better to burn the end of the string to make it a bit hard so its easier for little hands to insert the string in the holes. It's fun to make a story like "let's tie up woody so he can't run away.." so the string would go around woody as if he's really tied up. You can do this with different pictures and different stories. Your imagination can go on and on...

These simple toys helps me a lot to keep kids still while they eat their meals.  It keeps them busy and don’t even notice they’ve eaten everything on their plate! 🙂

cost: P18 for 2 yards of string

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