Where did we go? – A Barbie fashion show Birthday Party

One Saturday, we went to our first Barbie Party.  Main event of the party was the fashion show and our little princess was able to participate.  The girls were so cute doing their walk on the runway.

Here are snaps of Chesca doing her thing.  (sorry, some blurry camera phone pics)

Kudos to the parents (Al & Tricia) of the celebrant (Caitlin). They organized such a one-of-a-kind, fun-filled (fun even for parents), creative birthday party.  They did it in their own home, I must applaud them for that…imagine, setting up and cleaning up after the party!?  Most parents I know would rather have it somewhere else so their house won’t be a mess.

The runway was done by Al (took him around 2 weeks and 2-3kPhp).  That’s what I call labor of love…such a supportive Papi (as Caitlin calls him).  Not all dads support all the “kakikayan” of their daughters.  And the decors, wow!…Tricia really put a lot of effort  filling her house with lovely decors and even made disco/mirror balls (check out pic#2).   Loved it!  Really sets the mood.

It suddenly made me think…Oh, no! when my girls turn 6, would they be as kikay as 6 year olds now or worse?  Guess I’ll just have to find out for myself.

We had a fabulous time.  Thanks to the Tan family for letting us experience this 🙂

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