Playdates – “Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, bakers man…”

Every so often, it’s nice to have play dates wherein you just don’t do free play.  In one of our play dates, we decided to do some baking.  Our toddlers learned the following:

  • prepare ingredients
  • learn what the ingredients are
  • improve motor skills by stirring & decorating
  • taking turns
  • wearing aprons to keep their clothes clean
  • and of course discover how a cupcake is made
The things we prepared:
  1. Brownie mix (for starters, let’s do it the easy way :-P)
  2. 1/2 and 1 inch cupcake molds and paper molds in different colors.
  3. Marshmallows & chocolate toppings
  4. 2 aluminum bowls, wire whisks, aprons, and spatulas (2pcs so 2 kids can do it together)
  5. Small table for kids to do their preparation (with table cloth to protect table)
  6. 2 eggs & 1 cup of butter
  7. Disposable plastic decorating bag or pastry bag (12Php each at cook’s exchange)
  8. Cameras to document it 🙂
Moms and kids surely enjoyed this activity.  Maybe next time, we’ll make something more challenging.  Try doing your own creative play date.   Try it, you’ll surely have fun while learning a thing or two 🙂
Here are some snaps of our baking play date…
Toddlers mixing and mixing while some wait for their turn.
Toddlers listening to instructions.
Having fun learning ingredients and of course, can't help play with them!
Intensely watching how to decorate the cupcakes.
End product: Cupcakes made by the kids....wasn't that bad 🙂 We put them in plastic boxes so everyone could bring home cupcakes!
Our playgroup smiling for the camera!

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