Mommy Duties – Make an effort to still look great, Mom.

I know us moms are doing several things at the same time.  Even if you only have one child, it’s still a handful being a mother.  There are times when we don’t even notice that the day has already passed and we haven’t had the time for ourselves.  We always put our kids first.  We make sure they’re dressed, fed, attend to their needs, etc.  But it’s also part of our duties to stay pretty and well groomed.  We need to make a conscious effort to dress up everyday, look fresh, and fashionable while still taking care of our kids.


I’m not saying that we should “dress to kill”, but be very neat and accessorize to spruce up the simplest look.  We do this for ourselves.  To make us feel good, better, and even the best mom out there.  Of course, we’d also want to look good for our husbands.  You wouldn’t want your husband to see you as a “manang” now, would you?


So when I felt that I wasn’t taking care of myself as much as before, I made a conscious effort to try my best to look good everyday.  Take note: TRY my best.  So I reviewed my wardrobe, set aside all the ones that didn’t fit well, made me look sloppy, and those that were already worn out or looked real old.  When I’d wear a very casual attire like shorts, I try to spruce it up by having a nice top, an accessory, or nice shoes.  I also make sure the face and hair are also neat.  Cover those dark circles from late nights with the kids.

I went to SM Megamall Dept. store to check out some accessories.  And they really have quite a good selection now with very reasonable prices.  I was able to get a few items to help me make my outfits look better as part of my challenge to look good & presentable daily no matter where I was going.  You’ll be surprised how a pair of earrings, a bracelet, necklace, belt, scarf, jacket, or even a hairband/hair piece can give your simple outfit a major lift.  Sometimes accessories are the only things you’ll need and not necessarily new clothes.

Here are a few pics of one portion of SM’s accessories area.


Oh, I almost forgot, even your pajamas should look presentable too.  Try to wear nice pajamas and let go of those that have lots of holes.  Also make sure your hair is always neat even if you’re just at home.  Speaking of hair, try to trim your hair every 2 months, get a manicure/pedicure every 2 weeks, make sure you moisturize your skin daily.  Fine lines and wrinkles aren’t our friends!


To summarize:  just try to look your best at all times.  You wouldn’t want to be a 30-year old who looks 40, or worse, 50!

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