Me vs. Cooking – Tried to Bake Lasagna

Lasagna’s been my favorite dish for the longest time.  I’d order it in every restaurant that served them.  One day, when Chesca began to be a picky eater, I thought maybe she was just sick of the normal rice, soup, and meat we feed her.  So I tried making lasagna for her.  I went to the grocery and bought lasagna pasta and ground meat.  Then I remembered, I still din’t have a recipe to cook lasagna so I didn’t know what other ingredients I needed.  Good thing, in the lasagna box, there was a recipe to guide me 🙂

I bought other ingredients we didn’t have at home.  But of course there were some cheeses that weren’t available in the grocery store so I just stuck with cheddar and quick melt cheese.  Then I also tweaked the recipe a bit coz it had sooo much cheese in it.  I added all-purpose cream to lessen cheese in the bechamel sauce.  ‘Coz in the recipe it just had 5 cups of milk,butter,  flour, A LOT of cheese, and some spices.

For the meat portion of the lasagna, I just put in ground beef, tomato sauce, broccoli, & mushrooms.   Pre-heated the oven to 280 degrees.  I layered the boiled lasagna pasta into 2 pyrex containers.  Layering went like this:

Tomato sauce, pasta, meat mixture, bechamel, grated cheese

Then pasta again, meat, bechamel sauce, grated cheese, then repeat these layers oen more time.

I drizzled tomato sauce on the top layer into a zigzag for a bit of design (so i thought).

This is how it turned out. The top seemed burned a bit but it tasted fine 🙂
Well one of my kids & husband loved it. But Chesca only ate 2 spoons and still didn't want to eat anything for that day...Oh well, it was worth a try.

What I realized during this experience:

1.  It’s quite time consuming to make lasagna with all the preparation.

2.  You need to be patient.

3.  If you’re a lazy cook, just buy lasagna 🙂

2 thoughts on “Me vs. Cooking – Tried to Bake Lasagna

  1. I love your comment #3! So you’ve done an appetizer (dip), main dish (chicken) and pasta – next should be dessert. 🙂 We should do a potluck dinner soon – but you can cook everything! Hahaha!

    I make lasagna at home whenever we have leftover spaghetti meat sauce (my mom always makes sure we have sauce in the fridge for the kids or when we have guests). Last weekend, we had leftover white sauce from my sister’s birthday dinner so I did the reverse – made the meat sauce from scratch and added cheese to the leftover white sauce.

    I agree that making bechamel from scratch can be time-consuming – and challenging to get the right consistency (without the taste of burnt flour). Practice, practice, practice! Wish I had more time to cook. 🙂

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