Mommy Duties – Allergic reaction to detergent

Have your kids ever experienced an allergic reaction to detergent?  I recently realized how sensitive the skin of my kids are.  We usually use baby detergent for washing the kids’ clothes.  But there was a time we ran out of baby detergent and our helper used the detergent used for our clothes.  I then started seeing small pimple like red spots on my toddler’s tummy area.  I was thinking it might be something she ate, or the princess clothes she’d been wearing that seemed very itchy.  But after eliminating those, red spots still came back.

I later realized she was allergic to the laundry detergent.  Every time she wore clothes that were washed with the normal laundry detergent, she’d have these red spots.  They were not pretty at all!  It also left dark spots on her tummy.  I so hope these would eventually go away.  My poor baby 😦

Now I make sure to always keep a stock of baby detergent and ensure that the kids’ clothes are never to be washed by normal laundry detergent.

Again, lesson learned the hard way!

The allergic reaction left these dark spots on her tummy 😦


Mommy Duties – Foam Up!

As new moms, we always want to keep our toddlers/babies from all the sharp edges.  Let me share with you some things we did to prevent some nasty bumps.

We padded the corners of the room. This was foam stuck on plywood and covered with leather. Then the plywood was glued and nailed to the wall.


Bathrooms are also one of the common places children slip.  So I had to cover the corners of the shower area.  I also make sure that a rubber mat was present for kids to step on while taking a bath.

2-inch foam all around to break any falls. This was wrapped in leather so water can just be wiped off.


I’ll be posting more pictures of other items we covered with other materials to prevent nasty bumps of an energetic or unbalanced learning to walk toddler.

Fab Finds – Keep toys neat and clean (updated)

In my previous post, I talked about several items to help keep a kid’s room neat and tidy.  To add to the list, I found another option at ACE Hardware.  It only cost me 250php (less than $6) for 1 set of racks.  Since it didn’t have covered sides, I bought the black plastic baskets to keep the toys from falling off the shelves.  These were even on sale for 50php (a bit over $1) for 2 baskets.  I was just about to have wooden shelves made for P7,000.  It was gonna be double the size of this black plastic rack, and had closed sides and back portion so toys could lean against it.  Good thing I found this plastic version.  Saved me a lot!

3 layer black plastic rack. Each basket has a theme for easier clean-up time.
Since I put it under a table, the top shelf was great for putting toys that had their own case.

I just wanted something that would be easy for the kids to get toys and return them.  So now, they just get a basket they want to play with, then when they’re done, they know where to put it back.

By the way, I also lessened the toys that were  displayed in the entire room so the kids can have focus.  Too much toys just seems too cluttered.  Kids don’t need too much toys at one time any way.  I keep most of the toys in plastic boxes, then rotate the toys that are displayed every 3-4 weeks.  As much as possible, I try to retain the original look, shape, cleanliness of each toy for it to be passed on to the next kid.

Just sharing what might keep you sane too!

Our HKG Disneyland Adventure (Part 2)

Just wanted to share a few more details on our Hong Kong Disneyland adventure.  The Disneyland hotel key cards were thought of well.  They’re not the ordinary key cards you’d throw away after using.  They turn into bag tags.

Very useful hotel key card. I use it now for kids' bags and even our luggages.

The hotel also gave us our Disneyland park tickets upon check-in.  This saves time lining up to buy park tickets at the entrance.

These are how Disneyland Park Tickets look like.
(back of tickets) We got stay2day tickets included in Cathay Pacific Disneyland Package.

Now, remember to put on sunblock before heading out to the park.  I completely forgot about that and didn’t even think I needed to put on sunblock coz it was raining when we arrived Hong Kong.  We also weren’t walking much under the sun.  When the sun was at its brightest, we’d be indoors eating.  But I was so wrong!

See the wrist watch mark? I only noticed this sunburn after a couple of days.

It was a good thing our 2 year old was always under her full stroller shade (shown in part 1) as she didn’t like it when it was too bright out. (Realizing I’m loving the capella stroller more and more…) …So moms, make sure you pack your sunblock too.

As we were heading out of the park during our last day, Chesca saw the big mickey hands and a pink minnie mouse puppet.  We just had to buy them since they were great souvenirs and were just too cute.  The big hands made her laugh big time.  And we got the puppet for her little sister.  Lexi (little sister) loved it when we’d make Minnie’s hands clap, then she’ll clap with Minnie and laugh, was all worth it :-).  There are a lot of souvenirs and toys in the Disneyland shops and carts scattered around the park.  They had the same price as the items sold in the hotel as well.

Here are some of the souvenirs we got from Disneyland.

Hope you enjoy your Disneyland trip as much as we enjoyed ours!  Definitely the happiest place on earth 🙂

Fab Finds: Coastal Scents Palette for Moms on the Go!

I recently found a great product that would let me be out of the house in a flash.  The Coastal Scents Blush Palette has everything you need.  Powder, Contour, Blush, and Highlighter.  It saves so much time when you don’t have to get several items in your makeup kit.  With this palette, it’s just this one item that you’ll open and you’re done in minutes!

What I also loved about this is that it didn’t give any bad reactions to my sensitive skin and these are all matte powders.

I have yet to try the Coastal Scents Secret Camouflage Concealer Palette.  I’ll be sharing that with you once I try it 🙂

Mommies, you might want to try out this product if you’re one of the moms who don’t have much time to fix up.

White is for highlighting, beige tones for powder, brown for contouring, and pink tones are blushes.

Coastal scents blush palette available at Spoiled Store in Goldland Millenia Suites, Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Or visit