Playdates – Playhouse

Since there was no school during summer, we had to find different activities for the kids.  One time we brought the kids to this new Playhouse in Megamall.  The moment Chesca saw it, she was so excited to go in.  Little experiences like this makes her day.  It makes my day too seeing that big bright smile on her face while playing.

Here's how the playhouse looks like. It's so colorful and spacious and has a lot of small playhouses. It's like a row of playhouses in a playhouse. How neat is that?

This is located in building A, a floor above National Bookstore.  Playing fee costs around 180php/hr.  The kids have to be accompanied by an adult (who need to wear socks).  They also have this fingerprint scanner for the person who will pick up the child.  If it’s not your fingerprint that’s recorded, they won’t let you take the child.  At least they have some security measures.

There's Chesca having the time of her life (while I was having a heart attack watching her!) swinging on the bar before sliding.
Kids having fun playing chef, cashier, etc...

Parents can have coffee while waiting for the kids at Figaro which is a few steps from this playhouse.  That’s what us mommies did while the kids were playing.

Till the next playdate…

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