Health & Beauty – Get back that youthful look

In my challenge “trying not to look like a tired mommy”, I started to watch makeup videos on youtube and surfing the net on what exactly was needed for that “flawless look”. We can’t deny it, when we start getting kids, its the time we lack sleep and take for granted our own skin. We start to develop dark circles around the eyes, puffy eyes, blemishes, etc… So I guess a little makeup would help us try to get that youthful look back.

I’m not the type who likes putting stuff on my face.  For the past couple of decades, I’ve only used moisturizer, powder, and lip gloss.  At times, I put on some blush but that’s when I just feel like it.  Well except for special occasions, I get to use foundation, eye shadow, & mascara when I have my hair and makeup done in the salon. But I guess I need to put a little extra effort now.

After watching several makeup videos, here’s what I learned:

1.  Concealer under the eyes brightens your eyes. – Yes this is true!  I gave it a try and it really makes your eyes look so much better.

2.  Contouring makes you look thinner. – Especially when you’re bloated or pregnant, this helps a lot 🙂 Make sure to contour using a matte bronzer/blush.

3.  Blush gives you a certain glow – Just a little blush on the cheeks goes a long way to looking fresh and not like a tired mom.

So I went to the mall and tried some products…and did a bit of impulse buying. (I was able to review more Face Shop products ‘coz I returned an item and replaced it with other items.)

1.  MAC studio finish concealer – if you’ll use it to cover up blemishes, it works well.  But I bought it for under eye circles and bags.  I din’t like it as much coz it makes fine lines under the eyes more visible and even look worse. (This is when I noticed I had fine lines! Oh well, I’ll be talking about that in another post.) So if you have lines under your eyes, you’re better off using a liquid concealer.

2.  Make Up Forever HD Foundation – This is a great product!  Really gives you that flawless looking skin.  It’s quite expensive but worth it.  Just make sure you try it on first and walk around the mall to see if the color is right for you.  They say if you’re acidic, the color normally changes.  This was a good buy for me.  But I don’t use it on a daily basis.  I just use foundation for special occasions or if I’m having a bad skin day.

3.  Face Shop Flebeaute Mineral Loose Powder – This product wasn’t bad.  It felt light on the skin and had anti-aging components.  But it comes in a big container, comes out a bit messy, and their manufacturing date on the box was way back 2008.  They din’t have new ones at the store so I was forced to return it.

4.  Face Shop Face & It Radiance Concealer – This is a dual concealer.  It has a liquid type on one end, and a stick type on the other.  If you have some blemishes or spots you need to conceal, this product might work for you.  Problem is they only have 2 shades.  This was another impulse buy and decided to return it as well since I had no use for the stick concealer.

5.  Face Shop BB cream tinted moisturizer with SPF – It was a great idea to have everything in one product but when I tried it out, I din’t like how the color turned out on my skin.  It looked weird on my face.  It was tinted, like beige, but when applied it turns kinda white.  Maybe it’s coz of the SPF.  Or maybe that’s just how my skin reacted to it.

6.   Face Shop Shea Butter Lip balm – This was definitely a good buy!  It wasn’t sticky at all and really feels like nourishing your lips. Cheap too.

7.  Face shop eye brightener – I’ve tried it for two days and it does brighten the eyes.  Just make sure to spread it again after a couple of hours coz it sets into fine lines under the eyes.  I have yet to try the YSL touche eclat, I’ve heard a lot of good reviews.

8.  Face Shop blush and lip gloss – works well, does the job, and cheap.

9.  Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer – this was a bit too thick for my skin.  It didn’t blend well, left my skin dry.

So what have I learned with this experimenting?

IMO, if you don’t need to cover up anything, no need to use foundation daily.  Face powder would do. My favorite has been Lancome’s photogenic. Cover up dark circles or puffines with a concealer or eye brightener to give you a fresher look.   Try putting on some blush and lip gloss before heading out if you want to “up” your look a bit.

If you do use foundation, it says in the makeup video to do it this way:

  • Foundation first, then concealer, then set it with powder with a powder puff.
  • Then after contouring and putting on blush, you set it with (finishing) powder again, but don’t use a powder brush to brush it all around your face ‘coz it’ll mess up everything you just put on your face.
  • You’d want to dab powder using the brush then press and roll with a powder puff to set the powder on your face.
  • Then this is the time to use the powder brush to remove all the excess powder from your face. Just LIGHTLY brush your face all over.
  • (Got all these tips from gossmakeupartist on youtube)

The most important thing before doing all these is moisturize your skin and make sure to put some kind of spf on your face and neck (may it be liquid, cream, or powder) before heading out the door.  That’s if you’d like to prevent laugh lines/fine lines/wrinkles to come too early!

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