Health & Beauty – What’s your beauty regimen?

Ok, so I’m now more conscious of preserving my youth.  I’ve been hearing about making sure to start using night cream or whatever product to prevent fine lines and wrinkles when you reach 25.  I never really paid attention to it as I didn’t think I needed it, thinking it was all advertising.  But now, being in my mid-30’s, I can see it!  The fine lines they were talking about are here!  Ugh!!!

I just woke up one morning and saw them while smiling.  I couldn’t believe it!  Well after stressing myself out about it for 2 weeks, I mellowed down and just began to accept it.  I was done with my denial stage.  The only thing for me to do was to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT and stop sulking.


I realized, I wasn’t taking care of my skin since I had kids.  I never thought putting Dove soap on my face would eventually be bad for me.  I had a moisturizer but then suddenly stopped using it coz I became too lazy and too tired.  Now I’m paying for the laziness and ignorance.


So I did some research and most say we need to make sure we use a gentle cleanser on our skin (not soap), then use a non-alcohol toner, then moisturizer or whatever treatment you have.  For starters, these are the products I tried.

I tried the celeteque line since I've tried the moisturizer before and liked it coz it was light on the skin.

For a few days, I put aside my cetaphil cleanser and tried celeteque’s facial wash.  My skin felt real soft and smooth after washing.  I was using their gentle exfoliating wash every other day.  And the toner every night.  For the facial moisturizer, I used my old bottle (a year old, so I eventually had to throw that away and get a new one).  After 1 week of using these products, my face was great!  But on the 2nd week, I started to get small pimples and in some areas, had some redness.  So I had to find out which one caused the reaction.

After some trial and error, I went back to Cetaphil as my cleanser, Celeteque as my toner in the evening if I put on make up during the day, then Celeteque advanced moisturizer for the day, and Olay regenerist night cream before going to bed.

All the redness was gone and pimples slowly diminished.  I discovered it was the facial wash and exfoliating facial wash that was irritating my skin.  Then I learned that if you want to try a product on your skin, you’ll have to try it near your ear (after your cheek).  Do this for 3-4 days, and if your skin doesn’t react, then you should be safe.  Well, too late for me…I learned the hard way.

So for the moms out there, start taking care of your skin.  Learn from my not so good experience 🙂

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