Fab Finds – Keep toys neat and clean (updated)

In my previous post, I talked about several items to help keep a kid’s room neat and tidy.  To add to the list, I found another option at ACE Hardware.  It only cost me 250php (less than $6) for 1 set of racks.  Since it didn’t have covered sides, I bought the black plastic baskets to keep the toys from falling off the shelves.  These were even on sale for 50php (a bit over $1) for 2 baskets.  I was just about to have wooden shelves made for P7,000.  It was gonna be double the size of this black plastic rack, and had closed sides and back portion so toys could lean against it.  Good thing I found this plastic version.  Saved me a lot!

3 layer black plastic rack. Each basket has a theme for easier clean-up time.
Since I put it under a table, the top shelf was great for putting toys that had their own case.

I just wanted something that would be easy for the kids to get toys and return them.  So now, they just get a basket they want to play with, then when they’re done, they know where to put it back.

By the way, I also lessened the toys that were  displayed in the entire room so the kids can have focus.  Too much toys just seems too cluttered.  Kids don’t need too much toys at one time any way.  I keep most of the toys in plastic boxes, then rotate the toys that are displayed every 3-4 weeks.  As much as possible, I try to retain the original look, shape, cleanliness of each toy for it to be passed on to the next kid.

Just sharing what might keep you sane too!

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