Mommy Duties – Allergic reaction to detergent

Have your kids ever experienced an allergic reaction to detergent?  I recently realized how sensitive the skin of my kids are.  We usually use baby detergent for washing the kids’ clothes.  But there was a time we ran out of baby detergent and our helper used the detergent used for our clothes.  I then started seeing small pimple like red spots on my toddler’s tummy area.  I was thinking it might be something she ate, or the princess clothes she’d been wearing that seemed very itchy.  But after eliminating those, red spots still came back.

I later realized she was allergic to the laundry detergent.  Every time she wore clothes that were washed with the normal laundry detergent, she’d have these red spots.  They were not pretty at all!  It also left dark spots on her tummy.  I so hope these would eventually go away.  My poor baby 😦

Now I make sure to always keep a stock of baby detergent and ensure that the kids’ clothes are never to be washed by normal laundry detergent.

Again, lesson learned the hard way!

The allergic reaction left these dark spots on her tummy 😦


4 thoughts on “Mommy Duties – Allergic reaction to detergent

  1. My daughter is allergic to something but we can’t figure out what it is and she has these little spots in differnt places. Was your daughters really itchy?

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