Playdates: Quick little snack…

This time, it wasn’t all play.  We decided to make the kids just sit down quietly and eat some yogurt.  Trying to teach them how to be independent?  That was the goal!

We sat the girls on chairs and had them eat on the table by themselves.  Though one cup of yogurt took 30 minutes to eat, it was a learning experience for them to act like big girls without having to run after them to feed them.  Of course, we had to come up with a game and prizes for them to finish their food!  But we’re getting there, just a little more practice of eating by themselves 🙂


Try it with your toddlers.  It’s always easier when they’re with other kids so it’s more fun for them!

Fab Finds: Disney Princess Easel

I usually don’t entertain the thought of buying an easel for my kids ‘coz painting gets too messy.  Messy for them and messy for the house.  I figured, since painting in school was done, that should be enough.  But lately, I realized my toddler really enjoyed painting so why would I hinder her happiness?  Especially when I saw a Princess Easel!  She LOVES Disney Princesses and I knew that if she saw this Easel, she’d love painting even more!

The easel was reversible…white board on one side and when you turn it around, it has a chalk board.  But for painting, I just tape some cartolina over the board.  I saw the easel in Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall but it wasn’t that cheap.  That’s why I always justify a purchase by dividing the price in two since it’ll be for 2 girls…hehe..if it makes you feel better, whatever works right!?  Prior to buying an easel, I just taped cartolina on the wall.  It worked a bit but she was having a hard time painting and would lean her elbow against the wall and would have paint all over her arm.  That was the only time I realized the importance of an easel for painting.

I got some water color tubes in National Bookstore (200+ Php for 12 colors) and 3 paint brushes.  I opted for water color so that it’s easy to clean.  An apron also helps a lot.

Have you tried painting with your toddler?  Try it, it turns out to be a fun bonding experience 🙂

Sorry for another crappy camera phone picture.

Frazzled Mommies at Frazzled Cook

Once in a while it’s good to get out, relax, and de-stress.  Being apart from your child/ren for a short while is somewhat healthy.  This gives moms some time to recharge, re-energize, and keep their sanity.  From time to time I, together with other young moms, go out for lunch or coffee without our kids.  Let me tell you, it feels GREAT!!! So peaceful and relaxing 🙂

Recently, we were able to try out this restaurant called Frazzled Cook.  It was a quaint restaurant which had a cozy feel.  Their decors were one of a kind and not your typical “matchy matchy” design.  The stainless steel spoons we used were Hello Kitty, something different, cute too.

Food was good.  Here’s what we ate:

We started off with salad...sorry for the ugly picture...we just remembered to take a picture after we dug in 😛
That's very happy mommy Jaraiza...We ordered a pitcher of their homemade iced tea to share.
Pasta tasted good..a bit spicy, just the way we like it!
Oh so Yummy!
Here's how much their food costs.
Notice how "quiet time" can bring out happy faces 🙂

So try getting out with your friends too.  Remember, when mommy is happy, it lessens the stress of daddy, and both would have more energy spending time with the kids.  I see it just like a domino effect.  I’m sure a lot of moms (and dads) would agree 🙂

Frazzled Cook:

For frazzled moms to go to? – check!

Good Food? – check!

Cleanliness? – check!

Location? – well, as long as it’s not school dismissal, it’s ok, other than it’s on a one-way street, but it was okay.

Parking? – check!

Bathroom? – well, it was okay.  clean. nothing fancy. But if I remember correctly, it was just one for girls and boys.

Ok, I just found more pictures of the place courtesy of Mommy Fides 🙂  Let me share them with you so you get a good idea on how the restaurant looks like.

Rack of Lamb
Behind us where the light is coming from is the entrance.


Frazzled Cook from the outside

The dust in your mattress

How many of you suddenly cough or get colds in the middle of the night or morning?  I was recently diagnosed with allergic rhinitis. My kids were also getting colds and at times cough at night.  So I started changing curtains with blinds, vacuuming carpets, headboard, sofas, mattresses, and pillows.  I changed old pillows with new ones.

It didn’t help that there was ongoing construction right beside our house which I guess aggravated our allergies.

I had those rainbow and hyla vacuum demos and said to myself, maybe our own vacuum could do the trick as well.  It was also a hydro vacuum but a Php100,000 (around 2,300USD) cheaper!

As I was vacuuming our bed, I never thought there would be so much dust in it.  It didn’t occur to me that I’ve been lying down in so much dust and dust mites…gross!!!   After all these changes and cleaning, our allergies got better and we didn’t cough in the middle of the night anymore.

Here's my Hydro-vacuum that did the job. Less than Php4,000 (85USD) I got from Robinson's Appliance Center.
Make sure the attachments you use are very clean before you put them on your bed.
This is the dust I got from vacuuming a bed that hasn't been vacuumed for 3 years.
Dust from a pillow and couch.
Water where dust gets trapped preventing it from just going around the room.

I also put mattress protectors and pillow protectors with zippers to eliminate dust to accumulate.  As I was doing some research, I learned that if you have a wall to wall carpeted room, you should vacuum everyday, beds every week, and change pillows yearly.  Well, the changing pillows yearly was quite questionable.

Well, to sum it up, if you think there are things in your household that accumulate a lot of dust, regularly clean it or get rid of it before your kids get allergies.

Try vacuuming your bed, you’ll be surprised with what you’d see!  Goodluck!

To Eat or Not to Eat!? – Malcolm’s

During one of our “date nights” without the kids, we tried out Malcolm’s on Dela Rosa St. in Makati.  We read about it and wanted to try out their Wagyu Steak.  It’s beside a parking lot so parking won’t be a problem.

When we got to the restaurant, the staff and a couple of top management present were very accommodating.  It had a very relaxing atmosphere.  A great place to just relax after a long week.

Here's a portion of the restaurant.

We ordered quite too much coz we got there hungry!  Let me share with you a few pictures of our food.  Sorry for the crapy pics though.

Started off with some bread.
Then our steak came! Really yummy, soft, and tasty! Would you believe it's from Bukidnon? (as far as I recall)
We had some pasta too.
Then a bit of veggies on the side.
We ended our meal with some dessert and coffee.

We ordered food that was a bit oily (which we only realized after) so we had to have something sweet to end our meal.  Next time, we have to do a better job of ordering 🙂  But no regrets, still an experience.

Food- 4 spoons

Location – 4 spoons

Parking – 3 spoons (open parking lot, a a bit hassle if it’s a rainy day)

Ambience & Service – 5 spoons

Bathroom – 3 spoons (only had one for men and women)

Overall, definitely a place to come back to.  But it was a bit pricey as expected from Wagyu Steak places.

Brought home some food we weren't able to finish.

Once in a while it’s nice to splurge on dinner, enjoy a quiet evening without the little ones running around.  What about you, when was your last date night?

Malcolm’s Place

138 H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Vill.

Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

(632) 403-9484