The dust in your mattress

How many of you suddenly cough or get colds in the middle of the night or morning?  I was recently diagnosed with allergic rhinitis. My kids were also getting colds and at times cough at night.  So I started changing curtains with blinds, vacuuming carpets, headboard, sofas, mattresses, and pillows.  I changed old pillows with new ones.

It didn’t help that there was ongoing construction right beside our house which I guess aggravated our allergies.

I had those rainbow and hyla vacuum demos and said to myself, maybe our own vacuum could do the trick as well.  It was also a hydro vacuum but a Php100,000 (around 2,300USD) cheaper!

As I was vacuuming our bed, I never thought there would be so much dust in it.  It didn’t occur to me that I’ve been lying down in so much dust and dust mites…gross!!!   After all these changes and cleaning, our allergies got better and we didn’t cough in the middle of the night anymore.

Here's my Hydro-vacuum that did the job. Less than Php4,000 (85USD) I got from Robinson's Appliance Center.
Make sure the attachments you use are very clean before you put them on your bed.
This is the dust I got from vacuuming a bed that hasn't been vacuumed for 3 years.
Dust from a pillow and couch.
Water where dust gets trapped preventing it from just going around the room.

I also put mattress protectors and pillow protectors with zippers to eliminate dust to accumulate.  As I was doing some research, I learned that if you have a wall to wall carpeted room, you should vacuum everyday, beds every week, and change pillows yearly.  Well, the changing pillows yearly was quite questionable.

Well, to sum it up, if you think there are things in your household that accumulate a lot of dust, regularly clean it or get rid of it before your kids get allergies.

Try vacuuming your bed, you’ll be surprised with what you’d see!  Goodluck!

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