Frazzled Mommies at Frazzled Cook

Once in a while it’s good to get out, relax, and de-stress.  Being apart from your child/ren for a short while is somewhat healthy.  This gives moms some time to recharge, re-energize, and keep their sanity.  From time to time I, together with other young moms, go out for lunch or coffee without our kids.  Let me tell you, it feels GREAT!!! So peaceful and relaxing 🙂

Recently, we were able to try out this restaurant called Frazzled Cook.  It was a quaint restaurant which had a cozy feel.  Their decors were one of a kind and not your typical “matchy matchy” design.  The stainless steel spoons we used were Hello Kitty, something different, cute too.

Food was good.  Here’s what we ate:

We started off with salad...sorry for the ugly picture...we just remembered to take a picture after we dug in 😛
That's very happy mommy Jaraiza...We ordered a pitcher of their homemade iced tea to share.
Pasta tasted good..a bit spicy, just the way we like it!
Oh so Yummy!
Here's how much their food costs.
Notice how "quiet time" can bring out happy faces 🙂

So try getting out with your friends too.  Remember, when mommy is happy, it lessens the stress of daddy, and both would have more energy spending time with the kids.  I see it just like a domino effect.  I’m sure a lot of moms (and dads) would agree 🙂

Frazzled Cook:

For frazzled moms to go to? – check!

Good Food? – check!

Cleanliness? – check!

Location? – well, as long as it’s not school dismissal, it’s ok, other than it’s on a one-way street, but it was okay.

Parking? – check!

Bathroom? – well, it was okay.  clean. nothing fancy. But if I remember correctly, it was just one for girls and boys.

Ok, I just found more pictures of the place courtesy of Mommy Fides 🙂  Let me share them with you so you get a good idea on how the restaurant looks like.

Rack of Lamb
Behind us where the light is coming from is the entrance.


Frazzled Cook from the outside