Playdates: Quick little snack…

This time, it wasn’t all play.  We decided to make the kids just sit down quietly and eat some yogurt.  Trying to teach them how to be independent?  That was the goal!

We sat the girls on chairs and had them eat on the table by themselves.  Though one cup of yogurt took 30 minutes to eat, it was a learning experience for them to act like big girls without having to run after them to feed them.  Of course, we had to come up with a game and prizes for them to finish their food!  But we’re getting there, just a little more practice of eating by themselves 🙂


Try it with your toddlers.  It’s always easier when they’re with other kids so it’s more fun for them!

Fab Finds: Disney Princess Easel

I usually don’t entertain the thought of buying an easel for my kids ‘coz painting gets too messy.  Messy for them and messy for the house.  I figured, since painting in school was done, that should be enough.  But lately, I realized my toddler really enjoyed painting so why would I hinder her happiness?  Especially when I saw a Princess Easel!  She LOVES Disney Princesses and I knew that if she saw this Easel, she’d love painting even more!

The easel was reversible…white board on one side and when you turn it around, it has a chalk board.  But for painting, I just tape some cartolina over the board.  I saw the easel in Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall but it wasn’t that cheap.  That’s why I always justify a purchase by dividing the price in two since it’ll be for 2 girls…hehe..if it makes you feel better, whatever works right!?  Prior to buying an easel, I just taped cartolina on the wall.  It worked a bit but she was having a hard time painting and would lean her elbow against the wall and would have paint all over her arm.  That was the only time I realized the importance of an easel for painting.

I got some water color tubes in National Bookstore (200+ Php for 12 colors) and 3 paint brushes.  I opted for water color so that it’s easy to clean.  An apron also helps a lot.

Have you tried painting with your toddler?  Try it, it turns out to be a fun bonding experience 🙂

Sorry for another crappy camera phone picture.