Fab Finds: Disney Princess Easel

I usually don’t entertain the thought of buying an easel for my kids ‘coz painting gets too messy.  Messy for them and messy for the house.  I figured, since painting in school was done, that should be enough.  But lately, I realized my toddler really enjoyed painting so why would I hinder her happiness?  Especially when I saw a Princess Easel!  She LOVES Disney Princesses and I knew that if she saw this Easel, she’d love painting even more!

The easel was reversible…white board on one side and when you turn it around, it has a chalk board.  But for painting, I just tape some cartolina over the board.  I saw the easel in Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall but it wasn’t that cheap.  That’s why I always justify a purchase by dividing the price in two since it’ll be for 2 girls…hehe..if it makes you feel better, whatever works right!?  Prior to buying an easel, I just taped cartolina on the wall.  It worked a bit but she was having a hard time painting and would lean her elbow against the wall and would have paint all over her arm.  That was the only time I realized the importance of an easel for painting.

I got some water color tubes in National Bookstore (200+ Php for 12 colors) and 3 paint brushes.  I opted for water color so that it’s easy to clean.  An apron also helps a lot.

Have you tried painting with your toddler?  Try it, it turns out to be a fun bonding experience 🙂

Sorry for another crappy camera phone picture.

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