Bonding with kids at Cafe 1771

One Friday afternoon, we decided to take a break, sit back, and relax while having coffee at Cafe 1771.  But then coffee became a heavy snack instead 🙂

A friend of mine, Faye, and I checked out Little Gym at El Pueblo in Ortigas Center.  We were interested in their gymnastics program for our kids.  After our trip to the Little Gym, we decided to hang out at a cafe in the same area (Cafe 1771).  The kids loved the place as it’s interior was very colorful and cool to the eyes.  But of course, they still wanted Mc Donald’s nuggets and orange juice.

So we bought some Mc Donald’s take out for the kiddos and cafe food for us two moms.

This is how the restaurant/cafe looks.
This was our noisy, messy table...good thing it was in the middle of the afternoon so we weren't disturbing too much people. Notice all the McD's!? 😛
Lexi enjoying her chicken nuggets...she stuffed everything in her mouth!
Our yummy mommy food!
Their bestselling pizza with arugula. We requested it on the side so kids could eat the pizza.
This is one portion of the restaurant under the stairs...the kids called this their "castle". They even ended up playing with the store manager and called her Princess Jasmine.

The kids had a great afternoon out of the house.  It was a good way for them to burn their energy and become creative with their pretend play having not much to play with in the restaurant.  Good thing, after burning all their energy, they were fast asleep, and we didn’t have to fight over taking their afternoon nap 🙂

Cafe 1771 has a refreshing ambience…an energetic, relaxing, feel to it.

Restroom was amazing!  Interiors were awesome.  And boys bathroom was separated from girls.

Parking wasn’t a problem.

Food was tasty.  Good selection.

Remember, Friday is no straw day in that area…so our iced tea didn’t taste as good 😛

For sure, we’ll be back….may it be with kids or not.

I hope you enjoyed your Friday afternoon too! 🙂

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