Fab Finds: Ikea Table, Chair, & Stool

A couple of years back, I purchased a green stool at Ikea in Kamias Rd. QC and a pink rectangular table and chair at
a store in White Plains Rd QC that carried IKEA items.  And only now did it really come in very handy…Thank God!

I needed a table and chair for my toddler but was in search for one that wouldn’t give her big bumps on her head in case she fell or hit it.  The usual ones I’d see at the malls were either made of metal or too small (wouldn’t grow with you).  That’s when visited the Ikea stores or stores that had Ikea items.  Loved the colors, loved the weight, and loved the size.  Din’t love the price too much though 😛

Just earlier today, even my father-in-law was sitting on the pink chair and used the table for reading the newspaper.  So you see, it’s even useful for grown-ups 🙂

Kids use it for reading, coloring, writing, painting, eating.

Ikea Kamias: 632-925-2863.

White Plains:  forgot the name of the furniture store, but it’s near the gate of St. Ignatius.

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