Some Fun Ranch FUN

We have never been to Fun Ranch so I decided to give it a try.  So we got ready and headed there at 1030am to avoid the scorching heat of the sun.  Unfortunately, it was still closed!  They open at 12noon.  But that didn’t stop us from having fun.

The kids made the most out of it.  Even if the rides were closed, they still enjoyed themselves.

Figuring out what she could possibly do.
They started off with these ropes and slide.
Another "free" ride. Still had fun even if it wasn't running.
All these bump cars were just lined up in one row. They had a blast just sitting inside and running around the bump car area. Not a single penny spent!
Enjoying their own cars.
This was the indoor play area. Also still closed. They only allow kids 64 inches tall to ride the slide. The picture at the bottom shows the girls singing their Disney songs on stage.

When it was getting hot a bit, we went inside the office which was already open at 11am.  We inquired how much their rates were for events.  Inside this reservations office was a small play area with a playhouse, foam mats, at other stuff kids could play with.  We let the kids stay here for another 30 minutes before we went home.

Fun Ranch closes at 9pm.  If I’m not mistaken, it costs P290 per child to be able to go on the rides.  They have a carousel, bump cars, ferris wheel, caterpillar, and a lot more.  The indoor play area has a different rate.  From what I saw, this place is best for kids 2 yrs. old and up.  Babies might not enjoy it as much and might be too hot for them to stay outdoors.

We’ll definitely go back to try out the whole experience.

But nonetheless, the kids definitely had a wonderful time on this particular morning!

To top it off, we didn’t have to pay for anything 😛

Thanks to Jaraiza for the siopao and water! 🙂

Cheesecake Pops

Similar to the cake pops you see or some call it lollicakes, I saw cheesecake pops.  Saw this in the food bazaar at the lower ground of Rockwell.


They sold different flavors.  It was pretty good.  At least, you won’t have to eat an entire slice when you’re craving for cheesecake.  Although it melts and gets deformed right away so make sure you don’t put it in your bag (which is what I did).


I forgot the name of the stall but you’ll find them right away, they’re the only ones selling cheesecake pops.

Something to try!

Happy Binging 🙂


Chocolate coated and White chocolate versions.
Here's how it looks inside...

No rice/subway diet challenge – update #1

Ok, so it’s been a week since I TRIED to remove rice from my diet or just have a sub for a meal.  How’d I do?

I can say I did well from Mon-Thurs.  Lunch and Dinner were subway sandwiches.

Did yoga Tues, Wed, Thurs.


BUT, I still had some cheats:

Fri-Sun had a couple spoons of rice/sushi.

Teaspoon/s of ice cream.

Few pcs of chips.

Bite size chocolates.


Ok, ok, I know, I need to have more discipline.

I only lost  a pound or two the entire week :-P.


Let me try it one more time…

A Makeshift Playhouse

I’ve been contemplating on buying a playhouse for my girls for months now.  I know they’d really enjoy it but on the other hand, I’m thinking it won’t last long as they’d be taller in a couple of years and won’t fit inside.  Then that’s 30,000Php down the drain!

I then realized I had a closet we could convert into a playhouse.  This way, even if they grow a bit taller, they’d still fit inside.  Then if they grow out of the playhouse phase, I can turn it back into a real closet.


First problem: Relocate all the stuff in the closet.  This made me clean up my own closet to make space.  At least it did me good 🙂

Then I got materials:

Wallpaper-P100+ per roll at ACE hardware

Drapes-P60/yard at Fabric Warehouse (total 2 yards)

Window Sticker-P90/sheet at Adworks Grafx on Escriva Drive.

This is one of the Little Tikes Playhouses I wanted to get.


I was able to remove all the stuff inside the closet and started putting wallpaper.
Ready for the big reveal? 🙂 This is the door of the playhouse.


Here's how it looks inside. A simple playhouse is good enough for us.
Closer look at the left side.
And the right side
This simple task put big smiling faces on the girls! Priceless!


So there you have it, our little project.  It serves as a playhouse for the girls and their dolls.  I just put their dresser, cooking set, kitchen set, and other toys inside.

Maybe you could also try doing your own playhouse 🙂



Time to take on the Challenge

So today, I’m taking on the challenge of losing all the pre-pregnancy weight.  Like most young moms, this is one of the number 1 issues.  I’ve been saying this for more than a year now…but this time, I’m hoping it will happen!  They say it takes you 9 months to get big, so it’ll take 9 months to get back in shape.  Unfortunately, this didn’t hold true for me :-/

First, I plan to remove rice from my diet.

This coming week, I won't eat anything but sandwiches. I sure hope I lose some pounds!

Subway has daily sub meals for only P99 and even has a P69 sandwich for the season.

Another thing I’ll start doing is to attend Bikram Yoga regularly, at least 4x/week which eventually should lead to 6-7x/week (Oh, so help me God!).

I’ll be posting updates on a weekly basis.

I wonder how long it’ll take to shed 15-20lbs…Wish me Luck!!!