A Makeshift Playhouse

I’ve been contemplating on buying a playhouse for my girls for months now.  I know they’d really enjoy it but on the other hand, I’m thinking it won’t last long as they’d be taller in a couple of years and won’t fit inside.  Then that’s 30,000Php down the drain!

I then realized I had a closet we could convert into a playhouse.  This way, even if they grow a bit taller, they’d still fit inside.  Then if they grow out of the playhouse phase, I can turn it back into a real closet.


First problem: Relocate all the stuff in the closet.  This made me clean up my own closet to make space.  At least it did me good 🙂

Then I got materials:

Wallpaper-P100+ per roll at ACE hardware

Drapes-P60/yard at Fabric Warehouse (total 2 yards)

Window Sticker-P90/sheet at Adworks Grafx on Escriva Drive.

This is one of the Little Tikes Playhouses I wanted to get.


I was able to remove all the stuff inside the closet and started putting wallpaper.
Ready for the big reveal? 🙂 This is the door of the playhouse.


Here's how it looks inside. A simple playhouse is good enough for us.
Closer look at the left side.
And the right side
This simple task put big smiling faces on the girls! Priceless!


So there you have it, our little project.  It serves as a playhouse for the girls and their dolls.  I just put their dresser, cooking set, kitchen set, and other toys inside.

Maybe you could also try doing your own playhouse 🙂



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