Pancit Canton Sandwich

Yes, you read it right, pancit canton sandwhich.

I saw our helpers eating pancit canton and they suddenly made it into a sandwich!

It was so weird for me, but then I decided to try it as they claimed it was worth trying.

It didn’t look good, but  surprisingly, it did taste good.  Well, maybe not that good, but different good.  Something to try out 😛

Lucky me chilimansi pancit canton with Gardenia wheat bread.


Bikram and Charlie’s Burger?

So, how does the combination of Charlie’s Burger after Bikram sound?  Seems like it’ll cancel off every sweat.  Sounds good to me!

But lately, since I haven’t been attending Bikram sessions, and there were a lot of holidays, so it turned into “Holidays at Charlie’s”.


During this particular visit, we discovered their inverted buffalo wings.  It was dipped in bleu cheese and hot sauce on the side.  LOVED IT!

Here's what we ate...


They don't scrimp on sauce.


Definitely a place to eat.

But don’t overdo it if you care about your health 🙂