Trying out the Sky Lantern

Happy New Year!!!  I know it’s so delayed but then again, it’s just in time for Chinese New Year!!! So, Kung Hei Fat Choi!!! 🙂

It’s been quite a while since I last posted anything.  So this 2012, I’ll try to post regularly regarding our so called Little Experiences 🙂


Anyway, let me move on to our Sky Lantern experience.  Since we’re not into fireworks, we decided to try out having sky lanterns fly last new year.  It was our first time to even try it out.  My brother helped us out as I din’t want to risk burning myself!

Best to have 2 people light the lantern to avoid any accidents. One to hold the lantern from the top, the other to hold and light the candle at the bottom.

You’ll need to hold the lantern for a few minutes until it gets hot before you could actually let go of it and let it fly on its own.

It was so interesting to actually see the lantern fly.  The kids had a great time watching it.

Close up of how the lantern looks inside.
The Lantern goes way up into the sky!
Kids trying to follow the Lantern...
You can actually see the lantern go way up for around 10 minutes.

I loved the kids’ reaction, which made me buy MORE lanterns!!!  Was able to buy them at cash cash pinoy for 375Php for 5 pieces.

Cheap thrills 🙂

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