Fab Finds: Gerber Graduates Bunch-A-Bowl

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find anything to cover your child’s food when they start running off during meal times?  Well, they really shouldn’t be running around, right?  But in case they do, we have to make sure the food is kept clean and keep flies away.

I was so happy when I found out about these Gerber Graduates bowls with lids.  One even has holes on the lids for microwaving food.  The bowls hold 8oz and the lids snap on with a click and are not flimsy at all.  Another great thing I love about them is that they don’t leak!  I normally use munchkin products but they didn’t have one with lids.  These bowls are even more value for money coz it’s almost the same price as the Munchkin bowls but these already have lids.

Now I have the perfect bowl for the kids’ soup, snacks, cheerios, rice, etc…you name it!  It’s the perfect size for your babies and toddlers’ meal portions.  I use them at home and going out or even traveling.  Chesca uses them for her “baon” in school too.  She doesn’t have a hard time taking the lid off nor putting them back on.  I had to make sure of this coz they have to eat by themselves.

Gerber Graduates Bunch-A-Bowls
Bowls with the lids

If you’re curious about the dimensions of the bowls, here they are:

* 4.5″ wide at the top (the diameter) and about 3″ at the bottom

* about 1.5″ deep.

I so love love love these bowls that I even brought them in and had them available at Spoiled (www.spoiledstore.com) so other moms in the country could enjoy these too 🙂

It’s only 810Php for 4 pcs.  That’s equivalent to only 200Php per bowl.  They come in different fun colors too!

Happy to share one of my Fab Finds!

Till my next Fab Find 🙂

Toddler stories: Jeepney Adventure

So as I mentioned in my previous blog, I’d be sharing the different toddler activities.  Today I’ll share Chesca’s jeepney ride.

As they were learning about land transportation, the school hired a jeepney so the kids can actually experience seeing and riding one.  They had so much fun!  I even told Chesca that if she wants to go somewhere, to just ride the jeepney with her yaya and not to ride the car anymore…And what do you know, she hurriedly said “YES, OKAY!”.  That’s how much she had fun in this activity.

Well, I’m not quite sure if they were taught to pay the driver and say “Mama, bayad” or “Para!”, that would’ve been cute! I should ask her if they did that.

Let me share with you pictures of the activity.

After this activity, she’d always shout “jeepney!” in an excited tone everytime she sees one on the road.  Well, at least I know that she absorbs what’s taught to her in school 🙂


So I asked Chesca if teacher taught them “para” and “ma, bayad” during their jeepney ride and she said “YES”.  To test her, I asked what “para” meant.  And she immediately said (in her excited tone) “to stop! …  then we also gave money to the manong driver”.  I asked her how much but she said “I don’t know, teacher just gave us money to give the driver”.

Indeed an activity worthwhile!