Toddler stories – Let’s Bike

One afternoon, I came home from work/errands and Chesca was eating her afternoon snack.  She was about done and asks me what will she do next?

I figured, since weather was nice, I decided to let her practice her biking skills.  She really didn’t know how to bike.  She’d just pedal maximum of 4 times and that was it.

So she started biking, not bad, at least she was moving.  Just needed practice controlling the wheel and letting the bike move more than a few feet.

Here's a picture of her TIRED...or LAZY to bike some more...I think it's more of LAZY.
She started biking again after telling her I'd give her M&M's if she reaches the corner.

Now that I’m looking at this picture, maybe the bike is too small for her and I should get her a real bike with training wheels.

An afternoon well spent 🙂

To eat or not to eat? – Dirty Ice Cream Bun

Yes, you read that right, dirty ice cream bun!

I never knew this existed.  I just saw Chesca’s teacher eating this during one of Chesca’s field trips.  I even took a picture coz it looked so interesting.  Sorry, couldn’t find it in my iphoto.  I’ll post that particular Ice cream bun teacher was eating soon.

Anyway, I was so interested that I saw the dirty ice cream in the village with the same bun.  I went to him twice (he normally stays in one corner near the clubhouse), and twice he wasn’t there anymore.  One morning on our way to school, I saw him in front of our house so I told him to come by at 4pm.  So he did.  And I was able to finally taste Dirty Ice Cream on a bun!

Here it is!  Weird?  I HATED IT!

I didn’t enjoy it.  But maybe its because it had melon flavor.  IT DID NOT GO WELL…AT ALL!  But I’ll give it another try one of these days.  No wonder manong asked me “ma’m lahat ng flavor po ba?”

I still love my dirty ice cream on the sweet cone!

But this is worth a try.

How do you eat dirty ice cream?

Family Day

The kids’ school had a Family Day affair last Saturday.  It was like a fair wherein they prepared different games, catch a chick, ring a bottle, etc.  There were also food booths and a Kalesa ride.  I wasn’t able to take much pictures coz it was too hot to go around.

But it was a good morning spent with the kids.  Good thing the family day this year was a bit relaxing compared to last year.  We had to do some wall climbing, obstacle course, and relays.  So this time it was just a fun day at the park.

Here's Chesca and Rick riding the "princess carriage" as Chesca calls the Kalesa.

We ended up bringing home some chicks even if the kids didn’t catch one.  They actually were scared of them and didn’t want to take them home but a teacher gave us 2.

They were with us for 3 days and we ended up giving them away for their (the chick’s) own safety 🙂  ….Rick put them in an empty aquarium, I knew that was gonna be too hot for them, then they’d poop like crazy!  So good thing was, our neighbor wanted them.  They’d take good care of the chicks better than we would.  At least the kids were able to experience having a live pet in the house.

Valentine’s Day 2012

We’ve been busy with the opening of our new branch in Robinson’s Galleria (Spoiled) the past weeks so we didn’t really have time for any Valentine’s Day celebration.  So what did we end up doing?  Nothing! hahaha!

We had plans of eating breakfast at HEAT but didn’t push through coz I slept so late finishing up some work for our store opening.  Then we planned to eat Lunch instead, but that din’t push through as well coz still too busy.

I was still in Galleria working on the store opening till 9pm.  When we were about done, we were so tired and just wanted to eat.  We tried Crowne Plaza but they only offered buffet which I wasn’t really in the mood for.

Where’d we end up having our “valentine’s dinner date”?

Yes, that's right, we ended up eating at Friday's. It was just an escalator away! Nothing could beat that (especially with aching feet and body)!


This was our food. The ever reliable Cajun Chicken fingers, French onion soup, Buffalo wings, and Baby Back Ribs. Good food, Great Company. What more can you ask for?


Valentine’s Day may have just passed us by this year, but it didn’t really matter.  We didn’t need a fancy place to eat, expensive gifts to give, or anything special on that day coz we knew deep inside we were special to each other.  All these things we’d normally do on other days and won’t need to wait for another Valentine’s Day to do them.

How was your Valentine’s Day?


Friday’s Galleria, L2 East Wing (along ADB Ave. entrance)

Everything good except for their Buffalo Wings.  Too dry!

Me vs. Cooking – Beef Stroganoff (my version)

Here I am trying to cook for the husband.  I asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner so I could tell the help what to cook.  He didn’t really give me an answer and in not so many words said it doesn’t matter, coz it’s all the same.  Was that a hint??? Well I took it as one.  So I go grab one of my Yummy magazines and chose a couple of dishes that were easy to cook!  Checked our pantry to see what ingredients we had and the Beef Stroganoff won.  It was a choice between that or Paella.

The last time I cooked for him was 6-12 months ago.  So I suddenly had the urge to cook this particular night.  Anyway, here’s how it looked like.

I had my own version and it became Beef, Shrimp, & Chicken Stroganoff 🙂

It was supposed to look like this:

Picture of end product in the Yummy Magazine

Even if it didn’t turn out exactly like in the recipe, it still turned out pretty well.  Tasted great as per Rick (well, what else could he say, right?!).  He actually is honest when it comes to these things coz he’s scared to keep eating something he doesn’t really like…HAHA!

I loved cooking this, it was kind of easy, especially for someone who knows NADA about cooking.  Our helper also learned something new to cook.   I can say I had a very productive night!


By the way, I used leftovers for this. Didn't want to put things to waste. Same type of food cooked in a different way.