Me vs. Cooking – Beef Stroganoff (my version)

Here I am trying to cook for the husband.  I asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner so I could tell the help what to cook.  He didn’t really give me an answer and in not so many words said it doesn’t matter, coz it’s all the same.  Was that a hint??? Well I took it as one.  So I go grab one of my Yummy magazines and chose a couple of dishes that were easy to cook!  Checked our pantry to see what ingredients we had and the Beef Stroganoff won.  It was a choice between that or Paella.

The last time I cooked for him was 6-12 months ago.  So I suddenly had the urge to cook this particular night.  Anyway, here’s how it looked like.

I had my own version and it became Beef, Shrimp, & Chicken Stroganoff 🙂

It was supposed to look like this:

Picture of end product in the Yummy Magazine

Even if it didn’t turn out exactly like in the recipe, it still turned out pretty well.  Tasted great as per Rick (well, what else could he say, right?!).  He actually is honest when it comes to these things coz he’s scared to keep eating something he doesn’t really like…HAHA!

I loved cooking this, it was kind of easy, especially for someone who knows NADA about cooking.  Our helper also learned something new to cook.   I can say I had a very productive night!


By the way, I used leftovers for this. Didn't want to put things to waste. Same type of food cooked in a different way.

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