To eat or not to eat? – Dirty Ice Cream Bun

Yes, you read that right, dirty ice cream bun!

I never knew this existed.  I just saw Chesca’s teacher eating this during one of Chesca’s field trips.  I even took a picture coz it looked so interesting.  Sorry, couldn’t find it in my iphoto.  I’ll post that particular Ice cream bun teacher was eating soon.

Anyway, I was so interested that I saw the dirty ice cream in the village with the same bun.  I went to him twice (he normally stays in one corner near the clubhouse), and twice he wasn’t there anymore.  One morning on our way to school, I saw him in front of our house so I told him to come by at 4pm.  So he did.  And I was able to finally taste Dirty Ice Cream on a bun!

Here it is!  Weird?  I HATED IT!

I didn’t enjoy it.  But maybe its because it had melon flavor.  IT DID NOT GO WELL…AT ALL!  But I’ll give it another try one of these days.  No wonder manong asked me “ma’m lahat ng flavor po ba?”

I still love my dirty ice cream on the sweet cone!

But this is worth a try.

How do you eat dirty ice cream?

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