Toddler stories – Let’s Bike

One afternoon, I came home from work/errands and Chesca was eating her afternoon snack.  She was about done and asks me what will she do next?

I figured, since weather was nice, I decided to let her practice her biking skills.  She really didn’t know how to bike.  She’d just pedal maximum of 4 times and that was it.

So she started biking, not bad, at least she was moving.  Just needed practice controlling the wheel and letting the bike move more than a few feet.

Here's a picture of her TIRED...or LAZY to bike some more...I think it's more of LAZY.
She started biking again after telling her I'd give her M&M's if she reaches the corner.

Now that I’m looking at this picture, maybe the bike is too small for her and I should get her a real bike with training wheels.

An afternoon well spent 🙂

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