To Eat or Not to Eat!? – Silya’t Sili

Last Saturday, I happened to pass by White Plains Avenue on the way home from my date with Chesca (at Ateneo as mentioned in my previous post).  I noticed a restaurant called Silya’t Sili.  I was so intrigued at what it was so I told Rick, my husband, that we should give it a try.  So that’s where we had dinner since we were also too tired to go far.

They served Filipino food.  We ordered  Chili Cheese sticks for our appetizer, Pinakbet for vegetables, Sisig (with no liver), and Sirloin flakes.  The cheese sticks were good.  Sisig had too much mayo so you wouldn’t be able to eat  much.  If you’re gonna order this, tell them to take it easy on the mayo.  Sirloin flakes was something different.  If you’ve tried Adobo flakes, it’s something similar.  It had this brownish red sauce with tomatoes and onions that gave it its taste.  Lastly, the pinakbet was tasty.  Not too salty, just right.

On the upper left corner is a picture of the facade of the restaurant. I couldn't decide on what to order, good thing was there were a lot of pictures on the menu to help me decide.


The place is an old house converted into a restaurant.  You can imagine where the dining, living, lanai, kitchen, and bedrooms were while waiting for your food.

In a small room on your right upon entering the place, you will find chairs decorated on a big shelf as shown in the picture below.  There are also several paintings around.  So, yes, it’s a restaurant and a place of Art for those Art fanatics.

Our bill was 858Php for 4 dishes, not bad! .....Here are some photos of the art displayed.

Overall, this restaurant is definitely as place to visit.

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