Mangga’t Bagoong

Just one laid back afternoon.

Thought of what I could eat while watching some of the TV series we downloaded.

As I was looking for something to eat in the kitchen, I saw the green mangos sitting there waiting to turn yellow.

And there it was…my snack for the day!  Some people eat green mangoes with salt or soysauce, but I love dipping it in fish paste (bagoong).

Green Mango and Fish Paste (Mangga't Bagoong)

Every so often I eat this just to get a kick out of it!

Don’t let the summer pass without eating some!

To Eat or not to Eat?! – Chicboy

Ok, it’s not Chicboy as in a man who goes out with several girls.  Chicboy is a restaurant or grill serving chicken and baboy (chicken and pork).

I’ve been seeing Chicboy around but never really stopped and tasted it.  One time when I went to the doctor, there was a Chicboy grill across the street so I asked the driver to buy whatever bestseller they had.

When I got home, I opened the take out containers and here’s what was in them:


The pork bbq was my favorite.  It was soft and flavorful.  Bad thing is, it makes you eat more rice!  But that was okay, it ended up to be a good lunch. 

Their chicken was much bigger than Mang Inasal but I wasn’t much of a fan of how it tasted.  For me it was okay, normal, nothing really great.

For 3 orders, it cost around P300.  So 100Php per order.  I wasn’t quite sure if they also had unlimited rice since I din’t eat there.

But I’ll definitely go back for their pork bbq!!!


To Eat or not to Eat?! – Gelato places in Greenbelt 5

After eating at Bulgogi brothers, I wanted to get some gelato.  We went to the nearest one, Gelatissimo.  I didn’t take a picture of it coz we din’t like what we ordered.  We made a mistake in ordering the Chili Chocolate!  I asked for the bestseller and that’s what the girl said so I tried it.  With that one tiny trial spoon, it tasted good.  But when I was eating the entire scoop, it wasn’t at all anything like the taste test.  We ended up throwing it away since we din’t want to finish it.  The other flavor we got was mint was okay, was your normal choco mint ice cream.

So as we were walking around eating our Gelato, we decided to get something for the kids.  We went to Classic Confections to get them a cupcake and some cookies.  These tasted good and worth it and to think I tasted them the next day.

2nd stop, treats for the kids. Chocolate cupcake and Cookies! Then while we were walking, I was contemplating if I should get another scoop of gelato ice cream...and so I did!

I was already so full but I just had to satisfy my craving of a yummy gelato ice cream.  I would normally get hazelnut.  But today, I just thought of getting something different.  I WAS SO WRONG.  I should’ve stuck with my favorite!  I wasted 2 cups of gelato ice cream today 😦  …at least I know better!

We tried out Ti-amo Gelato at the first floor and ordered one of their bestsellers--Dark Chocolate. And again, a wrong choice! Grrrrr.... But the way they present it is really very attractive. You'd want to get a lot!

For those who’d want to try these places out:

2/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City.

Caffe Ti Amo
Ground Floor Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City 

Classic Confections
Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City

To eat or not to eat?! – Bulgogi Brothers

One night we decided to eat at Greenbelt 5 since we haven’t been there in a while.  We ended up eating at Bulgogi Brothers.  There was a queue for the tables inside for those who wanted to cook.  But I wasn’t one of those people who’d be patient to cook, so we were seated right away in one of the tables outside.

Here’s what we ate:

Their appetizeres are enough to satisfy a hungry stomach! They first gave us corn, sweet potato, and quail eggs. Then brought out the pitchers of water and hot tea. Then the set of korean appetizers. The tea was really good and helps you with digestion.
We ordered their VIP special (shown in picture above) and some spicy soup I forgot what it was called. Their table napkins and chopsticks were readily available in a drawer under the table. Good Idea!
Here's the specialty, ribs and steak! This is how it looks like once cooked. A bit different from the picture in the menu. The meat was good and tasty, and not at all rubbery! It comes with 2 bowls of rice.
Here's a close-up of the main dish. Ribs on the left, and steak on the right. There were 3 sauces to choose from. Spicy, something that tasted like peanut, and just plain salt and pepper. Salt and pepper was enough for me 🙂

We were sooo full right after.  I guess I ate too much appetizers!  But it wasn’t the type when you don’t appreciate your food anymore that you’d want to puke right after eating.  We still had space for dessert!!!

What was for dessert?  I’ll share it with you in my next post.

Happy Eating this weekend!

Ok, I shouldn’t be writing before meals, now I’m craving for these and seem to be getting real hungry now!

Anyway, Bulgogi Brothers, definitely a must try!


Bulgogi Brothers
3F Greenbelt 5

Aming Diyos

The kids have a prayer before mealtime which they learned in school. It’s called “Aming Diyos”. A combination of a Filipino song and an English poem. I honestly dont know why but at least they’re taught Filipino too.

It starts out with the song which goes somethihng like this: (hands in prayer position)
Aming Diyos, salamat sa’yo,
Sa mga pagkaing ito…
Aming Diyos.

(right after the song)
God is great,
God is good,
Thank you Lord for our food.


I’m very happy they enjoy praying.  I just hopeit continues till they grow up :-/