How to play with a sick toddler

Chesca has been sick for a week.  That meant being in isolation from Lexi so she won’t get sick too.  It was so sad for them not being able to play with one another.  But one day, we figured out a way how they could still play without  contact.  Chesca and I stayed outside Lexi’s room and brought some similar toys.  We played music from Lexi’s room so they could sing together.  First, we played with the horses, then sang “silly hat” with their matching dances and props, then they decided to sing some songs from school with actions.

Best sisters!

They had so much fun!  You could hear the giggles of Lexi from inside her room.


So for moms out there, in case there are kids who are sick, try your best to let your children stay away from them.  Kids catch viruses quickly especially school aged children.

Give them their daily vitamins and multi vitamins….Stay Healthy!

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