Mommy Duties: NBI clearance at Mandaluyong City Hall

I hired a new nanny and one of my pre-requisites was an updated NBI Clearance.  So when she was getting hers, I went with her to get one for myself.  We went there at 8am.  First stop, getting a cedula.  They said if you apply for NBI clearance here, you’d need a cedula from here as well.

When you enter the city hall, it's the first door to your right.

Second stop, getting an NBI clearance application form.  Oh My!  the applicants start lining up at 6am even if the office opens at 8am.  That I did not know!  And they said they only give stubs out for the first 500 people.  Had I known, I wouldn’t have gone here.  Well, at least I learned something new.

Good thing there was mass going on inside the City Hall coz it was a Holy Day of Obligation when I went.  So I just heard mass instead of getting my NBI clearance.  At least my trip was not wasted at all 🙂

Here's how the line for NBI Clearance application looked. Didn't want to line up there, so I went inside to hear mass instead.

So even if someone says that there are less people in a particular NBI clearance office, its still in the hundreds and people still start lining up at 6am.  That’s how it is in their Robinson’s Galleria Branch as well.

Goodluck 🙂

One thought on “Mommy Duties: NBI clearance at Mandaluyong City Hall

  1. i have usually gone after 3pm but before 4pm and have been finish 30-45 min plus short time processing the NBI . make sure you have your own NBI form as they “run out”. Otherwise the service is fast and not a hassle like other government sites.
    in the past I obtained my CITY POLICE clearance while i wait to be served by the NBI

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