To eat or not to eat?! – Bulgogi Brothers

One night we decided to eat at Greenbelt 5 since we haven’t been there in a while.  We ended up eating at Bulgogi Brothers.  There was a queue for the tables inside for those who wanted to cook.  But I wasn’t one of those people who’d be patient to cook, so we were seated right away in one of the tables outside.

Here’s what we ate:

Their appetizeres are enough to satisfy a hungry stomach! They first gave us corn, sweet potato, and quail eggs. Then brought out the pitchers of water and hot tea. Then the set of korean appetizers. The tea was really good and helps you with digestion.
We ordered their VIP special (shown in picture above) and some spicy soup I forgot what it was called. Their table napkins and chopsticks were readily available in a drawer under the table. Good Idea!
Here's the specialty, ribs and steak! This is how it looks like once cooked. A bit different from the picture in the menu. The meat was good and tasty, and not at all rubbery! It comes with 2 bowls of rice.
Here's a close-up of the main dish. Ribs on the left, and steak on the right. There were 3 sauces to choose from. Spicy, something that tasted like peanut, and just plain salt and pepper. Salt and pepper was enough for me 🙂

We were sooo full right after.  I guess I ate too much appetizers!  But it wasn’t the type when you don’t appreciate your food anymore that you’d want to puke right after eating.  We still had space for dessert!!!

What was for dessert?  I’ll share it with you in my next post.

Happy Eating this weekend!

Ok, I shouldn’t be writing before meals, now I’m craving for these and seem to be getting real hungry now!

Anyway, Bulgogi Brothers, definitely a must try!


Bulgogi Brothers
3F Greenbelt 5

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