To Eat or not to Eat?! – Chicboy

Ok, it’s not Chicboy as in a man who goes out with several girls.  Chicboy is a restaurant or grill serving chicken and baboy (chicken and pork).

I’ve been seeing Chicboy around but never really stopped and tasted it.  One time when I went to the doctor, there was a Chicboy grill across the street so I asked the driver to buy whatever bestseller they had.

When I got home, I opened the take out containers and here’s what was in them:


The pork bbq was my favorite.  It was soft and flavorful.  Bad thing is, it makes you eat more rice!  But that was okay, it ended up to be a good lunch. 

Their chicken was much bigger than Mang Inasal but I wasn’t much of a fan of how it tasted.  For me it was okay, normal, nothing really great.

For 3 orders, it cost around P300.  So 100Php per order.  I wasn’t quite sure if they also had unlimited rice since I din’t eat there.

But I’ll definitely go back for their pork bbq!!!


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