Fab finds: Dripstick

A friend of mine told me about this ice cream holder called “Dripstick”.  I rarely give my kids ice cream on a cone or popsicle sticks coz they don’t like the sticky feeling when the ice cream drips to their hands or clothes.  But with this ice cream holder, it made eating ice cream cones and popsicles fun!

These Dripsticks come in different colors.  Bought them in True Value for around 350Php.  A bit steep for a rubberized plastic item but hey, if it works, why not!?

On one end, you’ll find a small rectangular hole for popsicles, and on the other end you’ll see a bigger round hole that would fit ice cream cones.  Both sides can catch the dripping ice cream to keep kids clean and prevent sticky hands!



That’s Lexi’s arm.  She saw me taking a picture of her dripstick and excitedly got it!  Everytime they see these dripsticks, they always grab it and just enjoy holding on to them.

Butterfly Popsicles for the summer

I recently found butterfly popsicles when the kids wanted to go to the mini grocery in our village.  I was about to grab the normal twin popsies (since that’s the only popsicle I knew) but surprisingly, I saw a variety of them!  It turns out, nowadays, there are different shapes and flavors.  Cute ones I saw were butterflies and penguins.

I haven’t really introduced the kids to the commercialized popsicles.  I normally make our own with fresh fruits like avocado or mango.  I blend the fruits and pour them into the plastic popsicle molds.  Healthier this way.

But this particular day, for the thrill of going to the grocery and having them pay for something was the little experience for the day as well as eating a colorful butterfly popsicle.  I only got one and gave each of them half of the popsicle.  It immediately put smiles on their faces!

ImageCheck out the cute butterfly wings.  Put them together and that’s how the entire popsicle looks like.  These cute popsicles can be found in all leading supermarkets.