Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Ok, so here’s what happened during our own little Easter Egg Hunt at home.

First, it was the kids who’d look for plastic eggs around the living room.  Chesca being older, found more eggs.  But she was kind enough to share everything with her little sister.  Lexi, being a copycat, would just follow Chesca wherever she went.  So we just had to keep telling Lexi to go to a different corner to look for eggs.  She was able to get 1 big egg and 2 little eggs on her own 🙂

They were wearing their Princess Belle costumes during the egg hunt.  They said they didn’t want to be a rat and a tiger this year (which was what they wore last year at Edsa Shangrila Egg Hunt).

And let the Hunt Begin!
Checking their loot!

After the kids, it was the turn of our helpers to go around the living and dining rooms to look for their colored easter envelopes.  This turned out to be so much fun too.  They were really into it and you can really see big smiles on their faces.  Two of them got 7 envelopes each and the other two got 3 envelopes each.

Yaya's turn! I hid one of the envelopes within the flowers. Check out the zoomed in picture of the orange envelope 🙂
Laughing their hearts out as they continue looking for those colored envelopes.

It was a fun early Easter Sunday afternoon.  We will definitely do something like this again next year!

How was your Easter Egg Hunt with your kids?

Hope you had as much fun as we did!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter!!!

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