To Eat or not to Eat – Walt’s Cafe

We arrived Hongkong Disneyland Hotel at 7pm.  We ordered in food for the kids, let them rest and clean up.  Rick and I were planning to go to Citygate Mall to get some supplies and eat there but we were told by the time we’d get there, the mall would be closed.  So we ended up eating dinner at Walt’s Cafe at the hotel.

A bit pricey but thank God the food was good.  Rick had a burger and I had pasta.  We were just too tired and would eat anything!

Dinner at 9pm

They served their softdrinks in a tiny karaf.  Maybe so that we don’t see it comes from 3/4 of a can or a big coke bottle and cover up for the pricey glass of coke!

The small karaf looks something like this. Where they put the coke in. It's just about 5 inches tall! But then it works and gives an impression the drink is expensive 🙂

We also ate lunch here with the kids during our last day.  They had Hainanese Chicken set menu which they said tasted yummy.

To save time and energy, we would recommend this restaurant when staying at Disneyland Hotel but if you had more time and energy to spend, there are cheaper options at the park.

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