Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Ok, so here’s what happened during our own little Easter Egg Hunt at home.

First, it was the kids who’d look for plastic eggs around the living room.  Chesca being older, found more eggs.  But she was kind enough to share everything with her little sister.  Lexi, being a copycat, would just follow Chesca wherever she went.  So we just had to keep telling Lexi to go to a different corner to look for eggs.  She was able to get 1 big egg and 2 little eggs on her own 🙂

They were wearing their Princess Belle costumes during the egg hunt.  They said they didn’t want to be a rat and a tiger this year (which was what they wore last year at Edsa Shangrila Egg Hunt).

And let the Hunt Begin!
Checking their loot!

After the kids, it was the turn of our helpers to go around the living and dining rooms to look for their colored easter envelopes.  This turned out to be so much fun too.  They were really into it and you can really see big smiles on their faces.  Two of them got 7 envelopes each and the other two got 3 envelopes each.

Yaya's turn! I hid one of the envelopes within the flowers. Check out the zoomed in picture of the orange envelope 🙂
Laughing their hearts out as they continue looking for those colored envelopes.

It was a fun early Easter Sunday afternoon.  We will definitely do something like this again next year!

How was your Easter Egg Hunt with your kids?

Hope you had as much fun as we did!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter!!!

Happy Easter Toddlers!

I’ve been contemplating whether I’d take the kids to Easter egg hunts in hotels or malls this year. But then I remembered our experience last year when I took them to the Easter egg hunt in Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. There were A LOT of kids! The entire Isla ballroom was packed! Then come easter egg hunt time, it was just crazy. Kids and parents were shoving each other. So I decided not to do that this year.  But don’t get me wrong, it was an experience for them to be exposed to that setup as well as dress up in animal costumes as that was the hotel’s theme.  But 300-400 kids was just too big of a crowd for my toddlers.

I also considered the egg hunt in Podium but when I found out yesterday that there were 200 kids, I was more decided to make one of our own and not go through the same experience last year 🙂


1. My kids won’t be shoved from one side to the other. Given that they are helpless compared to the bigger kids.

2. I have control of what the prizes are. Meaning I’m sure they’ll love the prizes in each egg.

3. I’m sure they’ll get more than 1 egg! (Chesca only got 1 egg from last year and Lexi none!)

4. Saves a ton of money!

5. Less stress 🙂  I don’t have to help them look for eggs!

So there you have it, gives me more reason to have a simple Easter egg hunt just for us.

What did I do, you ask?

I got some of the kids' plastic eggs and put their favorite things inside. Marshmallows and Oreos inside the big eggs. M&M's, Skittles, and stickers inside the small eggs.

I also included our nannies and helpers in the hunt and prepared a little something for them. I put several 20 peso bills in colored makeshift envelopes.  I will hide them after the kids’ egg hunt and let them have their own Easter egg hunt.  A little something to de-stress, relax, and enjoy as well.

My kids are very easy to please and just with these simple items, they'll have a blast! The picture on the right are colored index cards I cut in half and made into Easter envelopes to put the 20 peso bills.
Time to hide the egss!

I’ll keep you posted on the turn out of our little “make-our-own” Easter egg hunt experience.

Gotta go and hide the eggs while the kids are eating lunch.

What are you doing this Easter?  Maybe you can do one of your own egg hunts as well!

Happy Easter!

Holiday + Chilis food + Good Friends = Relaxing Day

Don’t you just love it when it’s a holiday?  No traffic, No stress, Nothing to think about.  Just enjoy the day and relax.

We had a quiet lunch with good old friends and our kids.  Chilis was the one of the restaurants open on Maundy Thursday so we ended up there.  Started off with Quesadillas and Nachos.  Then had some Crispers, Buffalo Wings, Pasta, and Burger.  Ended it with the mouthwatering molten chocolate cake and a cup of starbucks coffee.  The kids couldn’t get enough of their lemonade.  Couldn’t blame them, it was so hot outside!

Catching up with old friends is always refreshing.  Then seeing our kids having their own get together was quite amusing.


How was your Holy Thursday?

Fab finds: Dripstick

A friend of mine told me about this ice cream holder called “Dripstick”.  I rarely give my kids ice cream on a cone or popsicle sticks coz they don’t like the sticky feeling when the ice cream drips to their hands or clothes.  But with this ice cream holder, it made eating ice cream cones and popsicles fun!

These Dripsticks come in different colors.  Bought them in True Value for around 350Php.  A bit steep for a rubberized plastic item but hey, if it works, why not!?

On one end, you’ll find a small rectangular hole for popsicles, and on the other end you’ll see a bigger round hole that would fit ice cream cones.  Both sides can catch the dripping ice cream to keep kids clean and prevent sticky hands!



That’s Lexi’s arm.  She saw me taking a picture of her dripstick and excitedly got it!  Everytime they see these dripsticks, they always grab it and just enjoy holding on to them.

Butterfly Popsicles for the summer

I recently found butterfly popsicles when the kids wanted to go to the mini grocery in our village.  I was about to grab the normal twin popsies (since that’s the only popsicle I knew) but surprisingly, I saw a variety of them!  It turns out, nowadays, there are different shapes and flavors.  Cute ones I saw were butterflies and penguins.

I haven’t really introduced the kids to the commercialized popsicles.  I normally make our own with fresh fruits like avocado or mango.  I blend the fruits and pour them into the plastic popsicle molds.  Healthier this way.

But this particular day, for the thrill of going to the grocery and having them pay for something was the little experience for the day as well as eating a colorful butterfly popsicle.  I only got one and gave each of them half of the popsicle.  It immediately put smiles on their faces!

ImageCheck out the cute butterfly wings.  Put them together and that’s how the entire popsicle looks like.  These cute popsicles can be found in all leading supermarkets.