Simple summer fun for tots

We dont have to spend a fortune this summer to keep our kids busy. Just look around and you’ll find simple activities that will be fun and educational for them.

Here are some things in mind:

1. To beat the heat, let them swim.
Bring out your inflatable pools. Let them swim after their afternoon nap so its not sunny. Remember, we have to take care of their skin and protect them from sunburn. If you dont have an inflatable pool yet, you can get some from 600-1200php depending on the size at all leading department stores and toy stores. You can also go to your neighborhood clubhouse to swim with your kids too for a minimal fee.


2. Afternoon at the park.
A good one hour at the park let’s the kids be active and enhance their motor skills and release all the energy they have inside. Bring a mat to lay on the grass and have a picnic. Once they’re tired, prepare some snacks and let them cool down by having some books or toys handy.



3.  Give them some activities.

There are a lot of workbooks at National Bookstore for Php35-Php150.  This lets children hone their skills.  I purchased several books and photocopied the pages I wanted my kids to do over the summer break.  Then I had these pages bound to keep them organized.  It’s good to have different colored markers, crayons, and colored pencils handy to make it more interesting for your toddlers.

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