To Eat or not to Eat!? – Mamou Rockwell

One Saturday afternoon, we we able to go out while the kids were still napping. We just strolled around Powerplant Mall in a relaxing mode without having to worry about anything. It was simply a time to do nothing! It was great! Felt great! Once in a while its nice to have some alone time without the kids in tow to re-energize.

When we got tired walking around, we decided to eat dinner. I was craving for steak so we ended up in Mamou. It was our first time to eat there. We’ve been telling ourselves we’ll try it out but a year has passed and we just din’t get a chance to do so. But then when we got there, all tables were reserved. It was a good thing the waiter was kind enough to make some adjustments and we were given a table. Maybe he saw I was pregnant and pitied me, the hungry pregnant girl wanting to eat steak!

So what did we try? We got their bestseller steak and steak pasta which just looked like your normal spaghetti.


But hey, it was one good tasting spaghetti. It had some kind of twist to it.

The steak came with 2 side orders. We got mashed potato and fries. Why both potatos? Coz i wanted the mashed and Rick wanted fries so to keep the peace, we got both.


Here’s a closer look on how they serve the steak. My favorite steak places are Gaudi and Malcolm’s and this is comparable to both. At least now I have more choices. I’m sorry but the picture below doesn’t give justice to how great the steak was.20120501-234105.jpg

Mamou is definitely a place to eat if you’re a steak lover! My steak cravings were satisfied.
If you decide to eat there just make sure you make reservations or go early to get a table.

Happy Eating!

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