Vaccine shot prize = Mcdonalds French Fries

We took a trip to the doctor for Lexi’s final vaccine shot. She was such a brave girl and din’t even notice her pedia giving her an injection. I distracted her by showing her the picture of the baby in her record book. She just goes “owie!” and that was it. Maybe its coz she was just sitting down and she wasn’t asked to lay down on the bed? Then before leaving the room, she says “achi’s turn”, I just broke into laughter.

The kids din’t want to go home yet and said they wanted to go to McDonalds. Since they were good girls, I gave in.

So what did we have for merienda?


So yummy fries! You can never go wrong with these. All of us just spent the rest of the afternoon munching and munching! It was a day well spent 🙂 Good food with the best companions, what more can you ask for? This is what I call quality time! 😛

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