Mommy Duties: Hosting a pre-school or play school birthday party

Have you ever done birthday parties in your child’s pre-school or play school?  It can vary from really simple to oh so extravagant!  I’ve observed several and I know how taxing and stressful it can end up to be.

So my 3rd time to host one, I decided to make things less stressful for me and for the teachers.

Serving and preparing the food, feeding the kids, and cleaning up are the ones that are a bit time consuming and needs extra effort.

So what did I do?

1.  I made snack boxes to put the food in.

– Prevents food from getting cold on the buffet table.

– Box is composed of a complete meal.  Drink, appetizer, main dish, dessert, & utensils.

– Food is not wasted coz they’re able to take home food they’re not able to finish.

– No need for cleaning or packing away extra food, serving dishes, plates, etc.

– Easier to give food to other people not in the class.  (Other teachers, nannies, or those who weren’t able to

attend the party)

– Not a hassle to bring in the food and prepare them in school.

Here’s a sample of the snack box for kids.  You can just decorate it to make it a bit more appealing.  It would be nice to label it so the kids/teachers know who’s it is at the end of the day so they can take it home.  They can also recycle the snack box and put other food, toys or pens inside.

This is what I made for adult food.  Just so that it’s easier to distinguish which ones were for kids and adults, I made the snack box for adults a bit different.

2.  I chose different types of food that kids love to eat.  Tried to make it a bit healthier than fast food meals.

– For the pasta, I served twists instead of spaghetti.  It makes it easier for the kids to eat.  They have trouble

cutting spaghetti and normally end up making a mess.

– Served tetrapak and bottled drinks to eliminate glasses and spillage.  For adults, I made sure the bottled

drinks were very cold so that I din’t have to bring ice.  Which is also one less hassle.

Complete meal inside kids’ snack box. Drink, Pasta, Corn, Fries, Crackers, Caramel Popcorn for dessert. The cupcake will replace the space of the dutchmill.
For adults, it’s simpler since this was just a snack for them. Pasta, fries, corn, and kisses for dessert.

3.  Giveaways and loot bags that aren’t difficult to transport.

– Have a good size bag to put giveaways, prizes, snacks, balloons for kids to easily take home.

– Prevents items from getting lost and kids crying when they get home.

– When things are sorted already, you’re sure that all kids are given.  It’s also nice to label the giveaways for

easier tracking.

Giveaways. What’s inside? – coloring book, loot bag with food treats (oreo, jello, candies, fruit loops, marshmallows, etc.), winnie the pooh placemat, party horn, balloon.

4.  I put themed table cloth on all tables so that there’s a bit of color in the classroom.

Added some winnie the pooh table napkins as well.

5. Small cake with cupckakes.

– Cupcakes for kids to take home.  No need to slice the cake anymore and make a mess.

– Made cake smaller so that the problem of storing a big cake and transporting it is eliminated.

I bought a normal cake. Cut out characters from a party hat and put sticks at the back. Then I put Winnie the Pooh candles my sister from Canada sent to keep within the theme.

6.  Simple party activity.

– Brought a slide and a pool of balls.  Since the toddlers weren’t old enough to play games, I just kept

them busy and it was a way to enhance their motor skills as well.

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