Me vs. Cooking: Aligue Pasta

Attempted to cook  two weeks ago.  I craved for Aligue pasta coz I went to Sevilla Sweets to buy pastillas and saw their Aligue in a bottle.  So I bought one bottle to try it out.

Asked a friend how to make Aligue pasta and surfed the net to see how other people do it.


So how’d I do?  Mmmmm…so…so I guess?

Pasta cooked al dente. Prepare onions, tomatos, and calamansi for flavor. Saute. So far, so good 🙂


Added aligue. You’re supposed to add an entire bottle of aligue but I had senior citizens who would be eating it, so I just put half a bottle. Then I added a bit of cream. Then salt and pepper to taste.


And here’s how it turned out. I lacked some garnish so it looks so DULL! 😦 It lacked the aligue (crab fat) taste coz I guess half a bottle was really too little. Well, at least next time I know better.


How about you, what did you cook for your family today?

My next challenge…cooking steak!