Fab Finds: Go Green with Spoiled Eco Bags

It’s time to do our share to keep our environment clean for our children’s future.

Try to bring eco bags with you at all times so that you can put stuff you bought at the mall or grocery in it.  This minimizes the use of plastic and saves their paper bags too.

With this little gesture, it will go a long way.

Spoiled, the baby and  me store, is giving out free eco bags!!!

Go grab your bag now!  Time to Save Mother Earth.  Reuse.  Recycle.


Spoiled is located at Robinson’s Galleria, L3 Jumpstreet Wing.

Simple Pleaures: Afternoon Coffee with a Friend

Last Saturday afternoon, while the kids were asleep,  I had coffee with a friend at Starbucks, The Grove.

It was the first time I’ve been to that place.  It looked so peaceful.  Great thing about it is that there’s not much people, and there’s parking!  It really made me feel relaxed in the middle of the afternoon.  Just what I needed.

Seems very relaxing, right?


After having coffee, we dropped by Sunrise Buckets beside it and bought some chicken wings to bring home for Rick.  It tasted different from the others he normally eats.  I’ll write about that the next time we get to eat those wings again 🙂

So if you want a relaxing place to go to, try driving by The Grove along Libis, Q.C.  Not much establishments there yet (just has starbucks, sunrise buckets, and a japanese burger steak resto) but great for coffee and hanging out.


Pregnancy Cravings: Raisinets

Last week, I started eating Raisinets!

I never really liked them till I saw them again at the grocery store.

I’ve been munching on these every night for the entire week now!  oh good luck to my next doctor’s check-up.  The 4lbs a month might be exceeded!  Yikes!

Trying to justify this craving…good source of antioxidants, and check out the front….LESS FAT!  😛

Mommy Duties-Child Proofing Your Home

As a mom, we only want the very best for our kids.  We try to protect them as much as we could.  We don’t like seeing them get hurt coz it breaks our hearts to see them cry or get into an accident.

Let me share with you one way I baby/child proofed one part of  Chesca’s room.

BEFORE.  Notice the marble area below the cushion? I used to put rubberized foam I bought from Saizen. But then the kids started pulling these off!  If they accidentally hit their heads there (after tripping over something or during play), it would be very very dangerous.
WHAT DID I DO? I got the existing cushion/foam and added another foam to it to make a corner. Bought leather fabric for less dust.
AFTER.  Here’s the end product.  I’m very happy with what I had made.  Now I’m not worried the kids would hurt themselves while playing.


Have you covered the dangerous parts of your house?  Maybe it’s time to go around and double check for your child’s safety.

Have a Happy Weekend!